Best Festival Snacks

Best Festival Snacks

Festival snacks are essential for those times when you’re partying hard. Whether you’re going to an all-day festival or a festival lasting multiple days, healthy festival food is hard to come by.

Sure, there’s always the sugary, fat-infused snacks and salty chips available at the event, but what are you really doing to your body? You might feel a burst of energy from the caffeine-laced drinks the vendors are selling, but that energy is short-lived. And who wants all that sugar anyway?

Let’s be real here — your body craves energy, and those sketchy snacks will have you wishing you snuck something nutritious into the festival. So why not avoid those unappealing snacks by bringing the right snacks along for the experience?

This is precisely why we’re creating this list. Make sure to pack only the best to give you the energy you need to enjoy all your next festival has to offer!


Susosu Water Best Festival Snacks Granola


Nutritious and delicious, granola is the perfect on-the-go snack for those seeking energy. It’s super easy to sneak into a festival too! Whether you put it in the bottom of your bag or stick a bag of it in your pants, granola is one of the best snacks you can bring into a festival with ease. Granola will provide you with plenty of carbohydrates to keep your body energized throughout the day. This can really come in handy at those multi-day festival events when it’s all about your endurance!

Trail Mix

Susosu Water best festival snacks trail mix

Trail mix is also an excellent festival food, providing your body with good fats and sugars it needs to keep dancing! Whether you buy some pre-mixed trail mix or decide to make your own, your body will surely appreciate the extra energy without the oils and processed sugars you’ll find elsewhere. The party never stops when you have trail mix on hand. Just make sure you keep it well-hidden from the other festival-goers; otherwise, it’ll be gone in an instant!

Susosu Hydrogen Water

When you’re looking for a way to stay hydrated longer, hydrogen water is always going to be the go-to! Hydrogen water benefits the body enough to entice any festival-goer to sneak in a few pouches. But there’s no denying that this water pouch does more for one’s body than the bottled water the vendors are selling!

What’s even better is that it's small enough to sneak in without being detected. Avoid the over-priced bottled water, and treat your body to a nutrient-dense pouch it can depend on as you dance the day away.

Dried Fruit Bars

susosu water dried fruit

This Woman&Home dried fruit bars recipe is on point when it comes to making something you can bring to a festival with ease. Rather than dealing with all the juiciness of your favorite fruits, you can make these dried fruit bars to satiate your cravings for vitamins and nutrients. These are super easy to make, take around ten minutes of prepping, and creates ten servings. Instead of reaching for an unhealthy sweet, satisfy your sweet tooth with these awesome bars.

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Is Flavored Water Good For You?

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The Benefits Of Susosu Water’s Hydrogen Water Pouch

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