How Susosu Water's Signature Pouch Helps the Environment

How Susosu Water's Signature Pouch Helps the Environment

There is something we should worry about — there is no Planet B. Our actions carry great consequences on the healthiness of our world and generations to come. With the prevalence of industrialization, our world has even been more endangered, and experts warn that the effects of these pollutions can be existential. 

Of all types of pollution, land pollution is the most disregarded. We may have difficulties calculating its effects with clarity, but the land is constantly being abused and polluted. From mining and construction activities to increased production of goods — and invariably, an increased generation of wastes — humans face many health challenges including cancers, skin disorders, and respiratory disorders.

What can be done to reduce land pollution? 

Many of the causes of land pollution and its devastating health consequences can be prevented. It only requires being conscious of what we use, what we take, and how they are discarded. One practical way to do that is for manufacturers to ensure source reduction. Did you just ask what that is? Wikipedia says that source reduction involves efforts to reduce hazardous waste and other materials by modifying industrial production. Source reduction methods involve changes in manufacturing technology, raw material inputs, and product formulation. That is, manufacturers should consider environmental-friendly technologies and materials in their production.

In recognition of this, Susosu Water packages its highly beneficial mineral water in eco-friendly pouches that support recycling and waste reduction. We ensure that while our mineral water provides you the needed natural elements that will make you grow and stay healthy, our packs also contribute to a safer, cleaner, sustainable environment for all.

Consumers can also help to reduce land pollution by considering waste hierarchy before deciding on which product to buy or consume. Waste hierarchy presents actions that can protect the environment alongside resource and energy consumption from the most favorable to least favorable. The waste management hierarchy advises consumers:

  • To prioritize products that will not result in waste by choosing items with the least packaging or that demands minimal resources to produce, and avoiding single-use products. 

  • When that is not possible, they should consider products that are recycled, recyclable (like Susosu Water products), repairable, refillable, reusable, or biodegradable.

  • And as least preferred, products that require treatment and disposal should be considered as last resort.

This will encourage cautious manufacturers to keep to their environmental sustainability agenda and force non-compliant manufacturers to observe source reduction. 

Susosu Water’s signature pouches are flexible and light. They can be recycled, and at such, contribute to zero waste. They have a low carbon footprint on the environment, and when compared with plastics and glass bottling, our pouches take up less truckload space.

Other benefits of the Susosu  water pouch!

On the whole, Susosu Mineral Water is a complete health package. It clearly demonstrates our commitment to ensuring healthy living. Here are some other benefits you will get from grabbing pouches of our premium-quality mineral water.

  • Our pouches are made from thick layers of aluminum to keep hydrogen sealed in. The use of aluminum makes it easy to recycle the pouches, reduce carbon emission, and lower energy costs. It also facilitates easier mobility. As an added benefit, our aluminum-made pouches keep your water ice cold longer so that you can enjoy the refreshing high-quality sips just the way you want it. 

  • BPA-free: BPA stands for bisphenol A. It refers to an industrial chemical that can be found in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics used in containers that store food and beverages. When you buy food or beverages packaged with BPA, it can pass slowly into the food or drink. Such exposure and mixture have possible ill-effects on the brain, behavior, heart, and hormonal disruptions. Hence, experts have advised that consumers embrace BPA-free products to eliminate the risks associated with the toxic chemical. Our water pouches are free of BPA and you can be sure that taking them won’t be injurious to your health.

  • Our pouches are ergonomically designed to carry the perfect amount of water to be consumed under 30 minutes and to take on the go.


The safety of our environment is our collective responsibility. We must ensure that we encourage environmental sustainability decisions that reduce pollution and eliminate its harsh effects on our world. Our potent antioxidant, natural energy booster, anti-inflammatory hydrogen water packed in light, eco-friendly aluminum pouches ensures that every gulp is BPA-free, highly nutritious, and renewing. Here is a double-value offer to enrich your skin, overall health, and contribute to a conducive, healthy environment. All you need to do — place your orders!

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