Hydrogen Water Pouches Versus Orange Juice

Hydrogen Water Pouches Versus Orange Juice

While there are certain antioxidants people must get from food, there are other benefits hydrogen water pouches offer. Although consuming a certain amount of molecular hydrogen is not going to provide the same antioxidant properties some foods give, it comes with its own assortment of benefits.

But which one is better? And should you be quenching your thirst with orange juice or hydrogen water pouches? These are the questions on every health-conscious individual’s mind. And we’re going to compare what both of these health drinks have to offer.

Drinking Hydrogen Water Pouches

Hydrogen water pouches are a fantastic way to get molecular hydrogen into the body. This molecular hydrogen finds any bad free radicals and expels them from the body. 

Furthermore, molecular hydrogen allows the body to increase its antioxidant systems. With a boost in the antioxidant systems, tissues and cells receive protection from any type of oxidative damage. This is due to the reduction in oxygen-reactive radicals. 

The quality of the body’s organs and cells improves as well. This increases enzyme activity, effectively boosting cell energy in the process. 

With this being said, there are no known toxic impacts when drinking hydrogen water pouches. Even when a person drinks a lot of this water, there’s no internal suffering coming as a result. Hydrogen molecules do not leave any waste product upon neutralizing free radicals as well.

Convenience-wise, hydrogen water pouches are easy to consume on the go. They’re also calorie-free and sugar-free, meaning consumers aren’t going to observe their waistlines increase as a result of its consumption. 

Drinking Orange Juice

When you drink orange juice, you’re getting plant-based antioxidants. One of the most impactful, of course, is vitamin C. Vitamin C is comparable to how molecular hydrogen found in hydrogen water pouches impacts the body, although there are some key differences to note.

Vitamin C can promote health and wellness. It's also known to help with expanding life expectancy. Also, a molecule of vitamin C is capable of neutralizing free radicals, just as hydrogen molecules can. The major difference between the two molecules is that vitamin C can be used more than once. 

Even with this being the case, molecular hydrogen molecules are more beneficial due to their ability to boost some of the strong enzymes found in the body. This results in cellular protection that vitamin C does not offer.

Another major issue with drinking orange juice to get antioxidants is the caloric and sugar intake. Sugar isn’t always the healthiest thing to incorporate in a diet. And if you can avoid sugar while receiving the same benefits of antioxidants, you’re likely better off.

Concluding On What Hydrogen Water Pouches & Orange Juice Offer

Both of these beverages have positive impacts on the body. But even with this being the case, drinking hydrogen water pouches comes with more benefits and fewer disadvantages when compared to drinking orange juice.

While you can receive benefits from antioxidants found in orange juice, drinking hydrogen water is the option to choose if you’re worried about cellular health and consuming less sugar as well as fewer calories.

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