Cinco De Mayo Fun

With Cinco De Mayo right around the corner, there will surely be lot’s of celebration amongst friends and family. And we all know what happens during Cinco De Drinko…. Lot’s of chips with guac and Tequila!

Or what most people refer to as Te-kill-ya!

The notorious Te Kill Ya reference was created after the horrible hangover that happens the morning after drinking this alcoholic beverage.

What Causes Hangovers

After doing some research, and common sense, we discover that the top reasons people experience these tremendous hangovers are due to:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Not enough food

How to Cure A Hangover

Something as simple as drinking a glass of water before and after a night out partying will surely make all the difference when you wake up.

These are just facts.

The type of water you drink is also extremely important. Not all waters are the same. There’s a clear difference between tap water and quality water we like to call – hydrogen-rich water aka Susosu Water.

Hydrogen water is proven to protect tissues and cells from any kind of oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Our special water also creates new enzyme activity that actually boosts your energy the morning after so you don’t feel like a train just hit you across the face.

Not only does Susosu water take hydration to the next level, but it also decreases muscle fatigue.

The day after Cinco de Mayo can be brutal. We know. Let Susosu Water ease your pain and speed up your recovery. Stay hydrated the Susosu way!