Hydrogen + Natural Minerals

Beautiful skin starts from what you put in your body. Provide your body with the correct nutrients and intake of water for healthier skin.

Beauty starts from the inside out.

Treat your skin with a little love, care and hydration.

Benefits of Susosu Water on Skin

Easy Skin Absorption

Hydrogen water has the ability to penetrate in your skin cells and improve skin hydration, collagen, and remove sun spots.

Potent Antioxidant

Because Susosu Water is a potent antioxidant, it helps nourish and vitalize the skin.

Reduces Oxidative Damage

Hydrogen molecules decrease oxidative damage from the sun and results in skin that's capable of holding more moisture.

Learn More About Hydrogen Water

How Hydrogen Water Benefits Your Skin

Drinking hydrogen water benefits your skin in a more effective way than normal drinking water. Find out how hydrogen infused water can help solve some of your skin issues!

What Are Free Radicals & How Do They Affect Skin?

Learn more about how free radicals affect your skin and how you can avoid the degenerative damage from these unstable molecules with Susosu Water.

How to hydrate skin from the inside

Let’s talk about skin hydration and ways you can hydrate your skin from the inside out. Learn how drinking hydrogen water helps!

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