HYDRATEWith Hydrogen Water

Add a boost to your daily health regimen with every sip of water you drink!


What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is water with extra molecular hydrogen. Susosu Hydrogen Water is made by a direct hydrogen feed method that composes oxidative waste in water and excretes hydroxyl radicals from the body.

Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

Here are the most noteworthy benefits of active hydrogen molecules you get with the water


Keeps you hydrated longer than other beverages.


Our water protects tissues and cells from any kind of oxidative damage by reducing reactive oxygen radicals.


Our water decreases the pro-inflammatory mediators while pushing anti-inflammatory mediator production.


Our water improves the quality of the body’s organs and cells, thereby increasing enzyme activity which boosts energy in the cells

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Abundance of

Apart from hydrogen, Susosu Water has numerous additional nutrients including potassium, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and silica. These natural minerals provide you with additive benefits.

Balanced pH Level

A balanced pH level plays a big role in enabling healthy cell activity in your body. Susosu Water has a pH of 7.4, which is closer to the optimal body pH of 7.36.

Sustainable Packaging

Along with benefiting your body, we ensure our packaging is sustainable and does not harm the environment. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA free.
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Hydrogen Infused Mineral Water

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  • Maximum Hydration
  • Reduces Oxidation
  • Eliminates Free Radicals
  • Protects Healthy Cells

Why Drink
Susosu Water?

We are committed to promoting the habit of preventative care in your daily lifestyle. We provide the highest quality of water with benefits that give a boost to your health day in and day out!


How did Susosu affect our customers

Victoria N.

I've never had mineral water before until now, and I am hooked! This water actually keeps you energized!! Obsessed with the packaging, and the price is understandable due to the na... view more

Mirian O.

I really love the feeling of taking a cold pack of Susosu Water from the fridge to drink. Definitely by far the best tasting water when it's cold!

Jackie A.

I wasn't sure what to expect but, I think I like it. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and need help to reducing inflammation.

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Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. Doesn't all water already contain hydrogen?
    A: All water does have hydrogen. However, plain water has one eight-millionth of 1 mg of H2. There is really no therapeutic value of H2 at a very low concentration in normal water. Susosu Water has between 2.2 – 1.2 mg of hydrogen. Because all of the hydrogen in plain water is in stable bonds, it's harder for your body to absorb it. Hydrogen-rich water provides an antioxidant effect since the additional hydrogen can efficiently work to neutralize free radicals.
  2. Q. Recommendations on drinking Susosu?
    A: It is recommended to drink 2 pouches a day for maximum benefits. You should drink Susosu Water within 30 minutes because hydrogen escapes once the seal is opened.

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