Susosu Hydrogen Water

All-natural mineral water from the springs of South Korea, infused with extra hydrogen molecules for unique benefits. Research reveals the extraordinary benefits of hydrogenated water for its regular consumers. A pouch of Susosu Water encompasses all the natural elements you need to thrive and prosper. It is the perfect combination of crispiness and cleanliness that provides a refreshing feeling like none other.

Doesn't water already contain hydrogen?

All water does have hydrogen, however, conventional water has one eight-millionth of a mg of H2. There is really no therapeutic value of H2 at a very low concentration in normal water. Susosu Water has between 2.2 - 1.2 mg of hydrogen.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Protects tissues and cells from any kind of oxidative damage by reducing oxygen reactive radicals.

Decreases the pro-inflammatory mediators while pushing anti-inflammatory mediator production.

Greatly improves the quality of the body’s organs and cells; thereby increases enzymes activity which boosts energy in the cell

All About Packaging

Perfect Size

Designed to carry the perfect amount of water to be consumed under 30 minutes and to take on the go.

Aluminum Pouch

Made from thick layers of aluminum to keep hydrogen sealed inside. Aluminum pouch also keeps your water ice cold longer.

BPA Free

High quality tasting water without any additional harmful chemicals.



Recyclable & low carbon footprint on the environment. Flexible pouches take up less truckload space than other plastic and glass beverage bottles' delivery systems.

Hydrogen Infused Mineral Water

Neutral PH

Susosu Water has a pH of 7.8. The optimal body pH is 7.36.

Concentrated Hydrogen

Susosu hydrogen concentration is 2.2 ppm - 1.2 ppm.

Mineral Rich

Sourced from all natural mineral water, adding additional benefits.


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