At one time or another, everyone has wondered “why is water important?” Hydration is something all carbon-based lifeforms need. But the importance of our drinking water goes beyond simple hydration.

Water is something our bodies crave. We get thirsty, and we have to drink water. Otherwise, we become dehydrated. But what else does it do for our bodies?

Why is water healthier when it has more hydrogen? The answer isn’t as simple as hydration. In this article, we’ll touch upon what makes water so essential and how drinking hydrogen water compares to regular water.

What does water do for the body?

Besides hydrating, water plays several roles in the body. The following are some of the jobs it takes on:

  • Water Helps With Digestion — Saliva is where digestion begins, and water fuels this function. The enzymes in saliva assist in breaking food and liquid down, allowing the body to dissolve minerals and other kinds of nutrients. In turn, the minerals and nutrients become easier to access.
  • Water Provides Protection To Tissues, Spinal Cord, & Joints — The regulation of moisture in sensitive areas is facilitated with water. The blood, brain, and bones all need water, but this substance also assists in protecting, lubricating, and cushioning joints.
  • Water Helps The Body Get Rid Of Waste —Waste excretion is necessary, and the body gets rid of waste through defecation, urination, and perspiration. Flushing this waste out of your system is a function that calls for water.

Why is hydrogen water more important for the body?

Water is necessary for the body to function correctly, but hydrogen water promotes some functions more than regular water. While regular water hydrates, there’s so much more our bodies receive when we drink hydrogen water. Let’s discuss some studies to elaborate.

Looking at research done on mice, drinking hydrogen water offers some disease-combating antioxidant properties. While doctors always say we should keep hydrated when we’re sick hydrogen water goes beyond what’s expected of normal water.

Hydrogen-infused water has the potential to protect a person’s arteries from arteriosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries. When some rats were introduced to hydrogen supplementation, the researchers even found that the anti-inflammatory properties show how hydrogen water helps to carry hydrogen to aid damaged cells.

In another study, the researchers show us how hydrogen water can act as a therapeutic and preventative strategy for people prone to metabolic syndrome. During this study, the researchers were observing 20 people who were drinking hydrogen water. They took a metallic stick to create the hydrogen infusion, and the result was a 39 percent increase in antioxidants. The researchers also observed an increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in total cholesterol throughout the study.

For those suffering from inflammation, hydrogen water will help the body’s inflammatory response as well. When the body needs to repair damaged tissue, its inflammatory response determines how fast the body handles these kinds of issues.

In a study using female mice, researchers determined that hydrogen-rich water helped them with their fatty liver issues. With an observable decrease in pro-inflammatory mediators and an increase in anti-inflammatory mediator production, the researchers concluded that the hydrogen infusion helped the mice combat their ethanol-induced fatty liver problems.

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