Hydration On-the-Go

Discover the ultimate solution for portable hydration with SUSOSU Water's innovative pouch design. 

Compact, sustainable, and packed with hydrogen-infused goodness, our pouches are the perfect fit for your active lifestyle.

Redefining Beverage Packaging

Packaging Solution


Aluminum Pouch Material

Lightweight and Portable


BPA Free and Recyclable

The Wonders of Aluminum Pouches

Recyclability: Aluminum can be recycled, reducing environmental impact.

Flexibility: Its malleability makes for portable packaging that fits your dynamic lifestyle.

Durability: Ensures your essentials are securely stored, whether you're hiking or commuting.

Lightweight: Perfect for travel and everyday use, without adding extra bulk to your bag.

Keeping Hydrogen Secure

Enhanced Benefits: Preservation of hydrogen molecules through tight sealing prevents loss, ensuring you get access hydrogen's full health benefits.

Aluminum's Efficiency: Aluminum pouches excel in preventing the escape of hydrogen molecules and maintaining their integrity within the pouch.

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Pocket-Sized Sustainability

With Optimal Hydration

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Pouch Design Solutions

Our compact pouch designs contribute to sustainability by reducing space usage and minimizing environmental waste.

Space Efficiency:

Compact pouch designs are made to use space better, so storage and transportation are more efficient. Less packaging material means more space saved in warehouses, vehicles, and stores.

Waste Reduction:

Less waste is made with smaller packaging sizes over the product's life.

Using less material means less waste from making the product and throwing it away.