Our Story

Welcome to Susosu Water - going beyond ordinary hydration to offer you a refreshing and revitalizing experience like no other. Our story began with a simple yet powerful idea: to provide the world with a better way to quench their thirst. 

Founded by two passionate visionaries, Jheen and Nadia, Susosu Water is the culmination of their relentless pursuit to deliver hydration that truly makes a difference. Tired of seeing countless bottled waters that were merely purified tap water, they set out on a mission to create something extraordinary. 

Our water is sourced from an underground spring, naturally enriched with essential minerals and electrolytes, ensuring you get the purest and most refreshing taste. But that's not all – we take it one step further by infusing Susosu Water with the power of hydrogen, enhancing its antioxidant properties and promoting overall well-being. 

Functionality on the go is at the core of our values, which is why we've designed our convenient on-the-go pouches for those with busy lifestyles. Embrace hydration that fits seamlessly into your active routine, keeping you refreshed and energized throughout the day. 

Join us on this journey to elevate your hydration experience. Discover the science, innovation, and care that go into every drop of Susosu Water, and together, let's embrace a healthier, naturally refreshing way to hydrate. Cheers to a new chapter of hydration greatness!