About Us

Our Vision

Susosu Water has committed itself to educate and inspire individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. We believe in living a healthy lifestyle by practicing preventative care. Preventative care are measures taken to prevent diseases rather than treating it. We want to provide individuals with the highest quality of water with health benefits that betters your health in the long run.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a healthier tomorrow where everybody has access to hydrogen water, making them feel younger, healthier, and more lively.


Our Values

  1. Embrace innovation to create the highest value
  2. Respect tradition
  3. Cherish the body
  4. It’s not a brand, it’s a lifestyle

Our Story

Our founder's parents devoted their lives to seeking the most natural food and drinks for their family. His family value consisted of practicing preventative health. In 2018, his father took on a journey through South Korea, where he discovered something called hydrogen water. To achieve it, he teamed up with experts to find the highest quality natural mineral spring water and infused it with dissolved hydrogen through patented authentic high-quality Japanese machines.