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Revolutionizing Hydration



In 2018, a routine trip to our local grocery store sparked an innovative idea. The shelves were brimming with bottled waters, each claiming superior hydration. Yet, upon closer inspection, we uncovered a surprising truth – most were simply purified waters, a fancy term for filtered tap water. This revelation ignited our mission. We believed that if someone invested in bottled water, it should surpass the ordinary and offer a clear improvement from what's available at home. It was time to break free from the norm. On the flip side, the landscape of smaller mineral waters seemed confined to sparkling and flavored varieties. This gap fueled our determination to create something extraordinary – water that not only satisfies thirst but elevates the body with natural goodness. And thus, Susosu Water was born, not just as an alternative but as a pioneer in the realm of premium, genuinely hydrating beverages.


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Our Philosophy 

Hydration Mission: Fueling Your Wellness

Our journey begins with a quest for authentic hydration. Many water brands are derived from purified water, essentially another term for manufactured tap water. That's when Susosu Water came into existence.
Healthier Hydration: Beyond Regular Water

Susosu Water isn't your typical water; it's sourced from a protected underground spring, 400 feet deep, enriching your body with the natural minerals and nutrients it craves. But we didn't stop there – we've enhanced it with extra molecular hydrogen, delivering these vital elements to your cells in the most efficient way.
Continuous Development: Our Core Value

At Susosu, we believe in constant evolution. Our commitment to continuous development drives us to explore new frontiers in hydration, ensuring that every sip of Susosu Water reflects the pinnacle of innovation and wellness. Experience hydration like never before!