About Us

Susosu Water is more than water, our mission is to educate and inspire individuals to live a healthier lifestyle. We believe in living a healthy lifestyle by practicing preventative care. Preventative care are measures taken to prevent diseases rather than treating it.  

Our mission is to build a healthier tomorrow by introducing a new premium water that’s restorative and essential for the body.

Susosu Hydrogen Water is high-quality all-natural mineral water from the springs of Uiseong, South Korea infused with extra hydrogen molecules for many health benefits. 

Health starts with hydration but doesn't end there. Susosu Water aims to inspire you to live your best life mentally, physically, spiritually!

Why Choose
Susosu Water?

Perfect Size

Designed to carry the perfect amount of water to be consumed under 30 minutes and to take on the go.

Aluminum Pouch

Made from thick layers of aluminum to keep hydrogen sealed inside. Aluminum pouch also keeps your water ice cold longer.


We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Help us keep our planet cleaner and recycle our 100% recyclable pouches.

BPA Free

High quality tasting water without any additional harmful chemicals.

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