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Susosu Water

Susosu Water
Susosu Water
Susosu Water
Susosu Water
Susosu Water
Susosu Water
Susosu Water

Susosu Water

Because our clean natural mineral water is diffused with rich hydrogen antioxidants, we're able to provide you with extra health benefits that your favorite drinking water cannot. Imagine this - A team of hydrogen molecules working just as hard as you do to ensure your body is fueled with the healthy hydration it craves and needs. Give your body what it deserves and be a healthier you! 
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Good Health Starts with Proper H2 Mineral Water

Our hydrogen-infused water provides your with free hydrogen molecules that are easily absorbed so you can reap the full benefits. Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule, it has the ability to go deep into your cells to remove toxins!

Ultimate Hydration

Instant water intake

Perfect Portability

Just the right size to take on the go


Cleanliness and quality


Sourced from Asia

Fast Shipping

Always available

Natural Energy Booster
With such a busy lifestyle, it’s vital that you have the right amount of energy to actively achieve your daily tasks and more. Susosu Water can provide the boost of energy not only to manage your tasks but to deliver above and beyond.
Potent Antioxidant
Your body is always fighting away free radicals caused by your everyday environment and diet. Free radicals can lead to oxidation causing harm to your healthy cells. Rejuvenate your body from the toxicity it absorbs throughout the day with Susosu Hydrogen Water.
When you’re not properly taking care of your health, inflammation can be triggered. Effects may go unnoticed but over time will affect your daily routine. Take advantage of Susosu Water’s anti-inflammatory properties to proactively prevent long term inflammation.

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Linda Salaets
Susosu Water

There's no lack of energy, no slowing down, I keep on going with H2 hydration, the question is what to do next.

Susosu review

The water tastes good, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price or if it’s better than regular water. I gave 4 stars because I’m overall happy with the taste and quick shipping.


Trying this for inflammation and pain relief. I feel it is helping me with chronic pain by helping my body figure out how to handle so much inflammation and pain. I wish it was easier to get into the house. I buy the 40 pack and it’s very heavy all in one big box. I am hoping to get tablets to put in water for traveling. Are you going to look into selling those? Thank you

Good water

I enjoy this water especially before bedtime helps me sleep due to my inflammation. But it is very expensive

Kristie Mccrary