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Susosu Water

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The Fourth Generation Drink

Known as “the fourth generation drink”, Susosu Water is all-natural mineral water sourced from the springs of South Korea, infused with extra molecular hydrogen for unique benefits. Hydrogen water is water with added molecular hydrogen, which is an odorless, tasteless gas. There have been numerous scientific studies, especially in Asia, suggesting the consumption of hydrogen water to possible health benefits. 

By adding additional hydrogen molecules to our all-natural mineral water, it may give extra health benefits that regular water does not have. Hydrogen, being the smallest molecule, has the ability to go deep into your cells so it may remove bad toxins from the body and protect healthy ones. A pouch of Susosu Water can encompass all the natural elements you need to thrive and prosper.

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Customer Reviews

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Clean as advertised

Ran into their ad on Facebook and saw they were advertising how clean the taste of the water is and I was surprised. Definitely the best water brand I've had. Will look to buy more.

Good water for a good price

I've been doing research about how hydrogen water can benefit your body and found a few companies and I would much rather prefer Susosu over the rest because they're priced much better and the overall quality was well-worth every penny. Also, got my package in 2 days which is what made the experience much better. Will buy again soon.

Fast shipping, good water

Excellent product and loved how they sent the water so quickly. Definitely looking to buy more :)

Natalie Liza
Great quality

Never cared about quality of water until I started doing more research. This is the best I found so far because its mineral water and the extra benefits. I can taste the difference between this and tap water. I am going to purchase again!

Victoria Nixon

I’ve never had mineral water before until now, and I am hooked! This water actually keeps you energized!! Obsessed with the packaging, and the price is understandable due to the natural benefits included. You get what you pay for!!