Susosu Water 300 ml (10.5 Fl oz)

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Known as “the fourth generation drink”, Susosu Water is all-natural mineral water sourced from the springs of South Korea, infused with extra molecular hydrogen for unique benefits.

Hydrogen water is water with added molecular hydrogen, which is an odorless, tasteless gas. There have been numerous scientific studies, especially in Asia, connecting the consumption of hydrogen water to health benefits. By adding additional hydrogen molecules to our all-natural mineral water, it gives extra health benefits that regular water does not have. Hydrogen, being the smallest molecule, has the ability to go deep into your cells to remove bad toxins from the body and protect healthy ones. A pouch of Susosu Water encompasses all the natural elements you need to thrive and prosper.


  • Premium Quality For a Clean, Crisp and Refreshing Taste
  • Potent Antioxidant
  • Inflammation Fighter
  • All-Natural Energy Booster


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