What is the difference between Susosu Hydrogen Water and other waters? Susosu Hydrogen Water has more hydrogen molecules. By adding additional hydrogen molecules to our all-natural mineral water, it gives you extra health benefits that regular water does not have. Hydrogen, being the smallest molecule, has the ability to go deep into your cells to remove bad toxins from the body and protect healthy ones.


By reducing inflammation, hydrogen water may help patients with chronic inflammatory disease and rheumatoid arthritis. A study on patients with metabolic syndrome (a condition characterized by high blood sugar, increased triglyceride levels, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat) showed the benefits of hydrogen water. Patients who drank hydrogen water saw lower LDL levels and a reduction in total cholesterol, increases in beneficial HDL cholesterol, higher antioxidant activity, and reduced levels of the markers of inflammation, such as TNF-α.


Hydrogen water maintains beneficial levels of body fluids, which have a positive effect on increasing blood cells. It also promotes natural brain cell growth. Animal studies have also found that hydrogen-rich water can reduce the symptoms of major depressive disorder since emerging evidence suggests that neuroinflammation and oxidative stress are major contributing factors for the condition.

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Athletes can benefit in several ways from drinking hydrogen water. It has been shown to reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness. Athletes who drink hydrogen water often see increases in their overall athletic performance. A study of soccer players found those who drank 1,500 ml of hydrogen-enriched water after exercising experienced lower levels of blood lactate and decreased muscle fatigue.


Oxidative stress, the damage caused to your body when free radicals steal electrons from nearby cells, can harm your body in multiple ways. Hydrogen water reduces oxidative stress by giving free radicals away to stabilize themselves without damaging your cells. Hydrogen water also rераir cells that hаvе аlrеаdу bееn dаmаgеd. Hydrogen water was studied ѕресifiсаllу, аnd it was discovered to bе оnе оf thе strongest аntiоxidаntѕ. Drinking hydrogen water may decrease the effects of oxidative stress in both healthy people and those with chronic conditions.


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BOSE QuietComfort 35

There are advances being made in science and technology everyday, and a good example of this is the LCD monitor. LCD monitors have several benefits over the old chunky computer monitors that most users are familiar with.

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300 ml susosu water

Susosu Hydrogen Water is all-natural mineral water from the springs of South Korea infused with extra hydrogen molecules for many health benefits. Susosu Water has the perfect combination of a crisp and clean taste that provides a refreshing feeling like no other water.

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The MPA comes with three different sizes of foam and silicone tips and a carrying pouch. Shure’s coated memory-foam tips are the most comfortable on the market, and they stay in your ear securely–especially if you wear the cables over the tops of your ears.