Hydrogen Water Side Effects On Kids

Hydrogen Water Side Effects On Kids

Every parent worries about the health of their children, and knowing the list of hydrogen water side effects on kids is essential when considering offering this beverage to them. With this in mind, we want to provide you with the facts about hydrogen water.

After reading this article, you’ll know more about hydrogen water side effects on kids, the benefits of having your kids drink it, and how Susosu Water’s brand encourages children to indulge in this fantastic beverage!

Hydrogen Water Has No Negative Side Effects On Kids

To make a long story short, if you’re looking for the negative side effects hydrogen water has on kids, you’re not going to find them. The truth of the matter is hydrogen water has no detrimental side effects on kids.

So what about the positive side effects? Let’s discuss the incredible side effects that hydrogen water will have on your kids and how this drink is changing child health for the better.

Hydrogen Water Antioxidant Benefits For Kids

Looking for a way to get your children the antioxidants they need without all that extra sugar? One of parents’ favorite hydrogen water side effects on kids is that it’s loaded with vital antioxidants. Although some antioxidants must be obtained from what children eat, hydrogen water gives them the extra antioxidants their bodies crave.

Molecular hydrogen helps kids improve upon their antioxidant systems. This additional aid helps to protect the tissues and cells from oxidation damage as a result of the oxygen-reactive radical reduction. In turn, when kids drink hydrogen water, one of the most profound impacts includes how the body’s organ and cell quality improves. Enzyme activity rises, resulting in more cellular energy too. 

Hydrogen Water Promotes Longer Hydration For Kids

Although it’s possible for parents to force children to drink water throughout the day, the list of hydrogen water side effects on kids includes the fact that the molecular hydrogen promotes longer hydration. Allow us to explain this a bit more in-depth.

Approximately two-thirds of the human body is made up of water, with most of the water — between 66 and 80 percent — being stored in cells and the lymph system. Maintaining this hydration must be done at a cellular level. And this is where hydrogen water has the most significant impact on children.

Many times, water is simply expelled out of a child’s system through urination long before it is absorbed into the child’s cells. With this being the case, the children are not receiving proper hydration.

Hydrogen water fixes this issue by promoting the absorption of water at a cellular level. The result is an extension in hydration for kids.

Hydrogen Water Helps With Digestion For Kids

The list of hydrogen water side effects on kids also includes facilitating digestion. Hydrogen water goes beyond what normal water is capable of providing the body by stimulating gastric leptin and ghrelin. These are fat-regulating hormones responsible for various metabolic functions.

When a child indulges in hydrogen water consumption, they’re promoting better digestion without even knowing it! Hydrogen-infused water fights against childhood obesity in the process as well.

Research highlights that weight maintenance is promoted in people with metabolic syndrome when they drink hydrogen water. The research shows that the way hydrogen molecules reduce oxidative stress at a cellular level helps to increase the efficiency of some metabolic functions. As a result, children drinking hydrogen water experience the following: a healthier gut, the maintenance of healthy gut bacteria, and overall better wellness.

Hydrogen Water Improves Children’s Immune System

The majority of a child’s immune system revolves around gut health. With this in mind, when there is damage occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, there’s a variety of health problems that can occur. Thus, the immune system’s health is essential for a child’s overall health.

Hydrogen water promotes a healthy immune system. By assisting in the offsetting of toxins found in the gut and boosting the secretions of healthy hormones, hydrogen water benefits the body by helping it fend off infections and illnesses. In essence, one of the hydrogen water side effects on kids is a more effective immune system.

Benefits Of Susosu Water Hydrogen Water Packaging For Kids

On a side note, one of the unintended hydrogen water side effects on kids we’re noticing with Susosu Water is that children are actually interested in hydrating. Since creating our new packaging, we’ve seen an impressive spike in child interest, and it’s easy to see why!

With our new packaging, we’re providing a pouch that’s perfectly crafted to fit a child’s hands. Instead of using a bulky water bottle, we use an aesthetically appealing pouch design. It’s unique, sleek packaging at its finest, and the shape alone is enough to captivate the interest of nearly any child.

Our pouches are also super easy to drink from as well. We’ve incorporated a water spout to ensure there’s never an issue opening and closing the pouch. As a result, our pouches help children avoid spills, ensuring the hydrogen water hydrates their cells rather than soaking everything else!

The Susosu water pouch is also resolving the half-full water bottle issue. Time and time again, we’ve seen children leaving unfinished waters behind. With our 300mL pouch, children receive the perfect amount of water to finish in one sitting. In turn, it’s not a long, drawn-out process for a child to finish a serving.

Susosu water pouches are also brightly colored to ensure children want to drink from them. Rather than a dreary design, the packaging is designed in an uplifting way with a bright blue and white base accented by darker blues. There’s even a bit of pink thrown into the mix. All in all, this encourages children to request Susosu whenever they need a drink, and sometimes, kids ask for it simply because the packaging speaks to them!

When it comes to our hydrogen water pouches, kids find our brand appealing, our hydrogen-infused water promotes positive health benefits, and parents appreciate having a product they don’t have to force their kids to enjoy.


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