Best Drinks For Athletes

Best Drinks For Athletes

Athletes rely on their strength, agility, stamina, speed, energy and endurance to compete and win in their respective sports. Whether you are a footballer, volleyball player, rugby player, sprinter or even a hockey player, etc., you need a high level of fitness to be successful. For this reason, athletes need different drinks that can enhance their performance naturally. By drinks that enhance athletes’ performance, we refer to liquids that contain beneficial nutrients. It is these nutrients that supply athletes’ body with the energy needed to perform optimally, and also help athletes to replenish their energy when they are tired.

While athletes themselves understand the need for nutrient-rich drinks, a lot of athletes do not know which drinks are good for their performance and fitness. This is why we at Susosu took it upon ourselves to identify the best drinks for you as an athlete. Below are the best drinks for athletes. 

  • Sports Drinks: As the name implies, sports drinks are specifically made for athletes to maintain their energy level or boost it or both. These drinks contain potassium, sodium and, at times, carbohydrates which provide the body with the ability to absorb water on time to replace water and other nutrients lost through sweat and urine. Any drink that contains carbs and dissolved minerals falls under this category as long as it is free of sugar. Sports drinks are useful for athletes on match days, especially during a brief break. 
  • Sugar-Free Homemade Juice: This is another good drink for athletes. Juices made at home without the addition of sugar are a good source of energy-boosting minerals. What’s more, these drinks contain less amount of calories. Athletes can, therefore, leverage these juices for enhanced fitness if they drink them regularly before, during and after their matches and trainings. 
  • Green Teas: Every green tea is good for athletes not only because it has little to no calories, but also because it contains a lot of caffeine and antioxidants which athletes need for their fitness. Green teas are good for all athletes, but athletes whose focus is on endurance need green teas more than other athletes. This is because green teas train the body to adapt to different situations for a long duration. For the best result, make your green tea yourself, as bottled green teas contain sugar and preservatives which are harmful to your fitness as an athlete. 
  • Coconut Water: The presence of a high volume of healthy fats makes coconut water a good drink for athletes. Coconut water gives the body adequate nutrients to replace the ones lost during trainings and matches. This makes it a good alternative to sports drinks. 
  • Easy Shakes: Easy shakes usually come in form of protein powder or chocolate milk. They are rich in carbs, protein and calories. Most of the nutrients that make up the drinks strengthen the body. Thus, easy shakes are very good for athletes, especially ones whose sports involve physical strength. However, due to the fact that easy shakes contain a lot of calories, they cannot keep the body hydrated for a long duration like Susosu Hydrogen Water does. 
  • Susosu Hydrogen Water: Although each of the aforementioned drinks above is good for athletes, Susosu Hydrogen Water is a lot better; hence, the best drink for athletes. Hydrogen water benefits the body in many ways that no other drink can match. First, hydrogen rich water offers the body lasting hydration which keeps athletes going for a long time without getting exhausted. Secondly, Susosu Hydrogen Water contains anti lactic acid substances which prevent muscles from being sore. Lactic acid weakens the body’s muscles during rigorous exercises. When there is a build up of lactate as a result of inadequate oxygen being produced by the body, the acidity level of muscle cells increases. This causes the muscles to feel a burning sensation – a situation that leads to fatigue for athletes. With Susosu Hydrogen Water, however, there is a reduction in the intensity of the lactic acid produced by the body during workouts. 

Out of the six (6) drinks discussed in this piece, Susosu Hydrogen Water is the best because it has different nutrients which help athletes to stay fit and healthy always. In addition, Susosu Hydrogen Water is a good source of natural energy booster and potent antioxidants. It is a natural drink that improves the quality of the body’s organs and cells. It, thereby, increases enzymes activity which boosts energy in the cell. It also protects tissues and cells from any kind of oxidative damage by reducing oxygen reactive radicals. What a drink for athletes who desire optimal performance and full fitness level! 

Researches have been done to examine how Susosu Hydrogen Water helps athletes to stay fit. One of the experiments which were done using ten young athletes revealed that hydrogen water decreased their lactic acid build-up while lifting heavy and reduced muscle fatigue in the process. In the other study, eight cyclists drank two liters of hydrogen water each day. During this experiment, these athletes experienced higher energy levels and less exhaustion.


Reach out to us today to place an order for Susosu Hydrogen Water, and start the journey to becoming a better athlete. We are committed to providing you with pure hydrogen water which boosts your energy, and enhance your performance as an athlete. 

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