Hydrogen Water Lactic Acid Aid

Hydrogen Water Lactic Acid Aid

"Why don't my muscles feel as sore as usual?"

For those of you already drinking hydrogen water, you might notice your muscles aren’t as sore after an in-depth workout. This is not just because you’re getting stronger!

While you might be getting more fit, hydrogen water lactic acid lessening is common. And testing the lessening effect hydrogen water lactic acid production has on muscle fatigue shows what it can do for your body. 

What Is Lactic Acid?

When the body is performing heavy exercise, we breathe faster to take in more oxygen. As muscles work harder, they need this extra oxygen to support the movement. And with the majority of the body’s energy being made with aerobic methods, it’s easy to see why so much oxygen is necessary.

There are times when there is not enough oxygen being produced. And when this happens, the body begins to produce a substance called lactase to break down the body’s glucose into energy. As time progresses, this kind of energy production results in a buildup of lactate.

With elevated lactate levels comes higher acidity levels in the muscle cells. This acidity elevation is what causes the muscles to feel a burning sensation. Lactic acid, paired with other metabolites, produces the burning sensation that gets people to cease overworking their muscles.

In essence, lactic acid is something produced by the body to force a recovery period. As a result, the body is given a chance to clear out lactate and other metabolites. And with hydrogen water, lactic acid produced during a heavy workout is not as intense.

Hydrogen Water Reduces Lactic Acid Symptoms

When committing to a tough workout, hydrogen water will lessen how lactic acid impacts muscles. Even with less burning throughout the muscles due to the hydrogen water, there are other symptoms lactic acid brings on.

Lactic acid can cause cramps, weakness, feeling exhausted, and nausea. With these side effects, the body is sending signals to cease the exercise. And this is how the body helps us avoid injury.

While a sore feeling still comes for days after an intense exercise, the impact heavy exercise is having in the moment is not as intense. In turn, there is less discomfort while exercising when drinking hydrogen water for its lactic acid benefits.

The Pilot Study Showing Hydrogen Water Lactic Acid Benefits

During this study, the researchers analyzed the impact of drinking hydrogen water on muscle fatigue resulting from acute exercise in elite athletes. Oxidative stress comes with muscle contraction over short periods of intense exercise. And with this being the case, muscle fatigue is inevitable.

With this study, ten male soccer players were given exercise tests and had samples of their blood taken. During this double-blind crossover examination, the subjects were given hydrogen water or placebo water over the course of a week. The results were quite revealing regarding hydrogen water lactic acid benefits.

These researchers found a reduction in blood lactate levels as well as an improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function in those drinking the hydrogen water. With these findings, they show evidence that hydrogen water is good for hydrating athletes.

Concluding On Hydrogen Water Lactic Acid Help

For those in need of something to boost their athletic performance, hydrogen water's antioxidant properties can assist with that. Reducing lactic acid can help motivate people to do more during training, and maximize more out of their work outs. Add Susosu Hydrogen Water to your gym bag!

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