The Hydrogen Water Research You Need To See For Yourself

The Hydrogen Water Research You Need To See For Yourself

Hydrogen water research gives us the insight we need to make informed decisions regarding this premium water. But which research should you be looking at?

There are biased articles found throughout the industry. And it’s important to know the most credible sources possible. With so much shoddy hydrogen water research being made readily available, it’s important to know which articles you can trust.

Throughout this article, we’ll show the hydrogen water research you should check out. And we’ll summarize the research to save you some time.

Hydrogen Water Research Studies

1. Molecular hydrogen as a preventative and therapeutic gas: initiation, development and potential of hydrogen medicine

Throughout this study, the researchers wanted to find the benefits, if any, of molecular hydrogen. When observing how oral ingestion by drinking hydrogen water impacted the subjects, the researcher noted how it’s a portable, easy to administer, and safe method to ingest molecular hydrogen in water.

With this in mind, the researcher found drinking hydrogen water was impactful for improving upon obesity. This study also uncovers the protective effects against reperfusion injury that molecular hydrogen offers, among other benefits.

2. Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with radiotherapy for live tumors

This study was done to see how hydrogen water would impact those receiving radiotherapy. Throughout the study, placebos were used to show the effects of hydrogen water. Over the course of 6 weeks, the subjects were observed.

Throughout this period of time, the researchers found the subjects had a reduction in reactive oxygen metabolites in the blood. In turn, this helped in maintaining blood oxidation potential.

When issuing quality of life scores, the subjects drinking the hydrogen water experienced a significant increase when compared to those drinking the placebo water. While there was not a difference in tumor response to the radiotherapy, the hydrogen water did provide some therapeutic benefits regarding the subjects’ quality of life.

3. Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes

During this study, the analysts examined ten male soccer players using a double-blind crossover study. Some were given hydrogen water while others were given a placebo. Each of the soccer players was required to do some heavy exercise. And they were analyzed afterward. 

Those given the placebo water experienced an increase in blood lactate levels. The subjects given hydrogen water did not experience this blood lactate elevation while performing the heavy exercise. In essence, the hydrogen water intake effects monitored during this study highlight the idea that muscle fatigue is decreased with this method of molecular hydrogen ingestion.

Concluding On Hydrogen Water Research

Over the course of this research, we’ve observed the noticeable impacts hydrogen water has on the human body. Through these studies, we see how hydrogen molecules provide the body with several benefits. 

With this in mind, knowing the facts to back up the idea that this premium water goes beyond what’s expected of water shows precisely why athletes are incorporating it into their lifestyles.


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