Hydrogen Water Brands: What Separates Susosu Water From The Rest

Hydrogen Water Brands: What Separates Susosu Water From The Rest

The wellness world is full of trendy products. But what about the recent influx of hydrogen water brands marketing to you, the health-savvy consumer?

Let’s discuss what you can expect when you choose Susosu Water hydrogen water over the others.

The Design Compared To Other Hydrogen Water Brands

Our hydrogen water pouch involves a design that carries the perfect amount of water to consume fast. Since you’re supposed to drink your hydrogen water in under 30 minutes, this is the best method of consumption available today.

We crafted these pouches to make hydrogen-infused water as accessible as possible. You’ll have 300mL of water that’s easy to finish in a single sitting. As a result, you’ll never find your car, truck, or bedroom full of half-full water bottles.

Did we mention our pouches are recyclable? Because we’re not just health-conscious––we’re environmentally aware.

The Size In Comparison To Other Hydrogen Water Brands

These hydrogen water pouches are the perfect size for anyone on-the-go, and if you’re a health-conscious person, it’s likely you’re on the go––a lot!

You’ll never have to worry whether our pouches will fit in your bag. Whether it’s a clutch or a small backpack, Susosu Water fits where you need it to.

Whether you’re heading to the gym or taking the kids to soccer practice, these pouches go anywhere you go. Take it in the car or pack them in your cooler, because having our hydrogen water on-hand when you need it is a convenience we didn’t overlook.

Our Price Versus Other Brands

Thinking about purchasing Dr. Perricone’s hydrogen water? Think again!

A 30-pack of Dr. Perricone costs $89.99. These overpriced cans don’t compare to our all-natural mineral water sourced from the stunning Uiseong Springs of South Korea.

While Dr. Perricone is a name in the industry, Susosu Water is bringing affordable quality to consumers across the US. As you choose the brand to purchase from, think about the benefits of having a better drink for less of your hard-earned dollars.

Susosu Hydrogen Water: All-Natural With A Top-Shelf Infusion

What’s not to like about all-natural mineral water? Especially when it’s infused with molecular hydrogen.

Our hydrogen water brand is the only brand using this quality water. Other brands are using purified water, meaning you’re not going to get the same mineral consumption anywhere else.

Your body needs minerals, just as your body needs hydration. So pairing the two together is like multi-tasking your health. And who wouldn’t want to combine two of the most effective healers in one incredible beverage?


At Susosu Water, we’re promoting health by pairing it with convenience. Our pouches are second to none in this industry, and it’s our hope to provide quality hydrogen water to everyone interested in achieving a healthier version of themselves.

We’ve found that the power of our all-natural mineral water combined with a molecular hydrogen infusion stands out among the competition. Feel free to compare Susosu Water to the hydrogen water you’ve been drinking and experience the Susosu difference.

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