Gym Bag Checklist Bringing Optimal Results

Gym Bag Checklist Bringing Optimal Results

We all want the best results when we go to the gym. You might be looking for more tone or muscle growth. Regardless of what you’re looking to improve, we’re creating a gym bag checklist that’ll help. 

Below is a gym bag checklist for beginners and anyone else working on themselves in the gym. We include everything we could think of to give you the best results possible along with the research to back it up. Over time, we’ll expand on this list. So if you have any suggestions, reach out to us and let us know! 

1. A heart rate monitor should be at the top of your gym bag checklist.

As you work out, you should know your heart rate. Having this information ensures you know when you’re working out too hard or should work out harder. According to the American Heart Association, hitting your target heart rate will help you get the most out of your workouts. Make your workouts count by bringing a heart rate monitor whenever you go to the gym.

2. Bring disinfectant wipes if your gym does not have some readily available for you.

While cleaning the equipment won’t give you immediate results, avoiding having medical problems will ensure you don’t have to take time off from the gym. Some of the least hygienic gym equipment includes the treadmill, free weights, and exercise bike. The bacteria found on these machines cause infections that might even resist some antibiotics! 

3. Susosu hydrogen water to keep your performance at its best.

Drinking hydrogen water increases your energy without caffeine. It also aids athletic performance by improving the function of your organs and cells while you work out. The recovery time after workouts is also less because it decreases lactic acid production. As if all of this isn’t enough, it’s also proven to help with skin care and slow down aging!

4. Take a pre-workout to help with your endurance and maintain your focus.

One study on the acute effects of multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements shows us it improves upper body muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity. Furthermore, the study highlights that pre-workout contributes to feelings of focus after completing a high-intensity exercise. 

5. Have some carbs and protein to eat after your workout.

Food is one of those gym bag essentials for guys who are powerlifting. But everyone should refuel after a good workout. According to Mayo Clinic, eating once your workout is over gives your muscles aid in recovering faster. This food will replace your glycogen stores. Just make sure the food includes carbohydrates and protein. Some post-workout snack choices Mayo Clinic recommends include: 

  • Turkey on whole-grain bread with vegetables
  • Yogurt and fruit
  • Recovery smoothie
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Low-fat chocolate milk and pretzels

The Rundown on Your Gym Bag Checklist

Including these items on your gym bag checklist will bring you better results. Working out hard is always good, but making the most of your time in the gym will bring even more benefits. 

Eating and exercise play major roles in our health, but everyone is different. Remember to keep your own experiences in mind as you pack your gym bag essentials.

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