Hydrogen Water And Weight Loss

Hydrogen Water And Weight Loss

Do hydrogen water and weight loss go hand in hand? According to researchers analyzing the impacts of molecular hydrogen on mice, they do! 

That’s right. Hydrogen water and weight loss is not as outrageous as some might think. Without the need for exercise or a change in diet to blame for the results, this study is something you’ll want to know about. Read on to find out more about hydrogen water and the weight loss benefits that come when drinking it.

A Hydrogen Water And Weight Loss Study

So throughout this study, the researchers’ findings show us long-term hydrogen water ingestion assists in controlling body fat. The overall weight of the subjects was controlled with ease over the course of this study, and this was without the use of any diet or exercise.

Through this study, there is hope that hydrogen water and weight loss could potentially impact various weight-related conditions. These include but are not limited to diabetes and obesity. With this in mind, the study goes over how hydrogen water helps to improve upon the metabolic limits and constraints of the human body at a molecular level. 

During this study, they found that molecular hydrogen can potentially improve upon oxidative stress-related disease. The methods of taking in these hydrogen molecules were inhaling hydrogen gas, injecting saline with hydrogen molecules dissolved into it, and drinking hydrogen water. Through these methods, the researchers were able to find out how hydrogen molecules assist the body in weight control.

Hydrogen Water And Weight Loss Results

The researchers analyzed how drinking hydrogen water impacts type 2 diabetes. At this point, they used the db/db obesity model mice that lack the functional leptin receptor. When the mice drank the hydrogen water, they experienced reductions in hepatic oxidative stress. 

With this being the case, the researchers also significantly lessened the fattiness of the livers of the mice by introducing hydrogen water into their diets. High fat-induced fatty liver in wild-type mice was also decreased by providing them with the infused water. 

After giving the mice the hydrogen water long-term, their fat and body weights were controlled as a result. This was without any increase in their diet and the water. 

Furthermore, the mice experienced decrease in their plasma glucose, triglyceride, and insulin levels over the course of the time they were drinking the hydrogen water. These effects were comparable to the impacts one experiences when restricting their diet.

These researchers took it a step further to find how hydrogen water would impact the obesity and metabolic parameters at a molecular level. With this in mind, they went over the gene-expression profiles of the mice.

They found an increase in a hepatic hormone called fibroblast growth factor 21. The function of this hormone is to enhance glucose and fatty acid expenditure. And with this hormone stimulating energy metabolism through an increase in oxygen consumption, the results of this study show drinking hydrogen water and weight loss benefits associated with it.

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