Mineral Water Benefits

Mineral Water Benefits

Drinking mineral water benefits more than the general well-being of a body through hydration. Sure, eating vitamins and minerals in food seems sufficient, but diets can lack proper nutrition. 

For those curious about why we at Susosu Water emphasize the use of mineral water to make our hydrogen water, we’re listing the top reasons to include this water in your diet. Read on to learn more about what benefits come with drinking mineral water.

1. Mineral Water Benefits Body Fat Regulation

Mineral water includes fat metabolizing minerals that help regulate body fat. With this in mind, Susosu hydrogen water contains more minerals to benefit the body when compared to the competition. We know these minerals promote a healthier body, so we include them to provide an all-around better hydration experience for our consumers.

Breaking down fat becomes easier when drinking this water, and this is necessary for those looking to burn body fat. Over time, mineral water has the ability to promote weight loss by providing nutrients essential to losing weight. These minerals can include calcium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and silica. In turn, this results in a slimmer and leaner you. 

2. Mineral Water Helps With Blood Pressure Management

At Susosu, we understand managing blood pressure is always essential for those suffering from elevated levels. This is just one of the reasons why we create our hydrogen water using mineral water. 

Mineral water typically contains magnesium and calcium. With both of these minerals playing a role in the electrolytic process of the human body and brain, mineral water assists in balancing peoples’ blood pressure.

3. Reduces Body Acidity

Mineral water also contains sulfates which lessen the body’s acidity. These are catalysts allowing the pancreas’s production of digestive enzymes. These enzymes include amylase and lipase. With our hydrogen water being made with mineral water, reducing body acidity is easier than ever before.

These digestive enzymes also reduce constipation and bloating issues. The coagulation of toxins found in the intestines and duodenum decreases as well. With this being the case, proper digestion lessens the acidity found in the body.

4. Cardiac Disease Risk Reduction

We understand cardiac disease is a serious problem in the United States. In fact, it’s one of the leading killers of people residing in this country. Mineral water helps to decrease the risk of cardiac disease, giving us ample reason to use it as opposed to regular tap water when we make our hydrogen water.

Mineral water promotes healthy fat metabolism in the human body and it’s actively preventing the production of bad cholesterol. LDL, or bad cholesterol, is typically deposited in the adipose tissues found in and surrounding human blood capillaries. The problem occurs when there is a lack of circulation in the body due to the blood flow decreasing from the narrowing capillary openings. Over time, blood pressure increases, resulting in a risk of a heart attack.

Mineral water benefits the body by preventing LDL from accumulating in the capillaries. As a result, drinking mineral water reduces the risk of cardiac disease. And this is definitely something we’re happy to get behind.

5. Mineral Water Benefits Arthritic Pain

Arthritis can be extremely painful and causes inflammation. Drinking mineral water can ease this pain, making it easy for us to justify its use in our hydrogen water. When ingesting active minerals and compounds, it’s possible for consumers to reduce inflammation that comes with rheumatoid arthritis. And inflammation reduction is always a good thing.

Mineral water assists with the swelling that occurs in joints due to arthritis. With pain relief essential to reaching a high quality of life, drinking this water helps patients suffering from this degenerative bone issue. So we’re happy to offer these additional minerals in our hydrogen water.

6. Mineral Water Provides Mineral Bioavailability Comparable To Milk

Modern society is continuously seeking new ways to get healthy. And at Susosu Water, we understand that upping our mineral intake is always a plus. With mineral water offering similar mineral bioavailability to milk, it’s possible to get the nutritional benefits of milk without the added caloric intake.

For those who are not receiving sufficient intake through their nutrition, mineral water intake can be extremely beneficial. This is especially helpful for people who lack a nutrient-dense diet. Drinking mineral water for its mineral bioavailability means avoiding the added energy of getting nutrition somewhere else while simultaneously receiving hydration. All in all, drinking mineral water helps people who need an appropriate amount of minerals.

7. Mineral Water Boosts Skin Health

Mineral water promotes healthier skin by providing human skin with a fantastic source of silica particles. And with the introduction of these particles into a person’s diet, beautiful skin is the result. 

Drinking mineral water means taking in more silica. And adding silica to one’s diet results in the production of more collagen. Collagen brings numerous benefits to human skin, including a reduction in wrinkles, skin dullness, and dark spots. Drinkers of mineral water also tend to notice their skin becomes clearer, moister, firm, and sports an incredible glow.

8. Mineral Water Raises Physical Alertness

Mineral water is essential for those looking to increase their physical alertness as well. Mineral water is infused with a combination of minerals such as potassium and magnesium. These minerals improve muscle growth and functionality. And this gives several benefits regarding physical alertness.

The muscles have a better response rate due to these improvements. Also, mineral water introduction helps muscles to contract and expand with ease. With this being the case, mineral water helps with the physical alertness and well-being of people who indulge in its consumption.

9. Mineral Water Contributes To Bone Health

Bones can benefit from mineral water consumption as well. With mineral water containing plenty of calcium, drinking it helps with bone formation. When people drink this water daily, they’re supplementing their bodies with calcium. In turn, bones, teeth, and nails receive protection from damage. Anyone worried about osteoporosis will enjoy the benefit of having calcium inclusion in mineral water.

For those interested in the benefits that come from drinking mineral water, you now have a list you can consider. Whether you’re into your health or pondering the benefits mineral water will provide to your beauty regiment, this water brings on advantages everyone should know about. 

Have you experienced improvements in your life from drinking our water? We’d love to hear about them!

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