5 Hydrogen Water Benefits You Should Know About

5 Hydrogen Water Benefits You Should Know About

1. Hydrogen Water May Elevate Your Mood

That’s right. You’ve heard it here first. When you know where to buy hydrogen water, you know the spot to pick up an elixir to boost your mood. 

In one study, researchers found the water is capable of restoring natural brain cell growth in mice. Due to the fact that people who heal from their depression experience the same thing, it’s possible for hydrogen water to help people suffering from depression or other mood disorders.

2. Hydrogen Water Benefits Muscles

We all know the fatigue and weakness we feel in our muscles after a good workout. And who doesn’t want the healing process accelerated? 

During one experiment, hydrogen water was found to reduce the lactic acid buildup in the muscles of 10 young athletes. The researchers found that even with these athletes participated in heavy exercise, their muscle fatigue was noticeably less when they drank hydrogen water. Although this research didn’t take any specific hydrogen water brands into consideration, they found that the water had a positive impact on the young athletes’ muscles.

3. Hydrogen Water Benefits Those Looking To Lose Weight

Scrolling through the countless hydrogen water reviews, you’ll likely see some comments regarding weight loss coming as a result of hydrogen water. In one study, the researchers found that molecular hydrogen helped mice decrease their obesity and diabetes. The resulting inducing of hepatic FGF21 and stimulation of energy metabolism helped the mice combat these health issues. 

4. Hydrogen Water Benefits People Suffering From Inflammation 

During a double-blind, open-label randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial, researchers found that hydrogen water helps with inflammatory myopathies. The results of this trial were the 41 people suffering from muscle disease experienced mitochondria-related benefits from drinking between 0.5 and 1 liter of hydrogen water daily. 

5. Hydrogen Water Might Promote Alkalization Of The Body

The body can become acidic at times. And this is problematic, especially for those participating in an intense exercise. When drinking at least 2 liters of hydrogen water each day, the benefits can be felt as a result of the blood pH level increasing. 

During one hydrogen water research study, 52 healthy and active men when examined to see whether or not the experienced benefits of hydrogen water can include an alkalizing effect. The results show that water rich in hydrogen can impact blood alkalinity in men who are physically active. In essence, hydrogen water side effects can include blood alkalization.

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