The Benefits Of Susosu Water’s Hydrogen Water Pouch

The Benefits Of Susosu Water’s Hydrogen Water Pouch

At Susosu Water, we’re offering the best packaging possible for our premium hydrogen water. While some companies are promoting hydrogen water bottles, we had the idea to provide a better kind of packaging to the market. Continue reading to find out more about why we decided to go with the hydrogen water pouch to package our hydrogen water.

1. Aesthetically Appealing Hydrogen Water Pouch Design

With our stunning hydrogen water pouch design, we knew we could provide a chic look consumers would enjoy showing off wherever they go. The sleek beauty our packing provides for our customers gives them pouches they can be proud to drink from. Our packaging is elegance from the moment they purchase our pouches to the inevitable moment they toss an empty pouch into a recycling bin. These pouches are sophisticated and sport a level of class incomparable to any other company in this industry.

2. The Susosu Hydrogen Water Pouch Is Designed To Carry The Perfect Amount Of Water

When drinking hydrogen water, it’s best to drink it in under 30 minutes. This ensures all of the hydrogen molecules are taken in, resulting in consumption at its peak nutrition. In essence, the faster you drink it, the better it is, and these pouches promote speedy consumption.

Each Susosu Water pouch contains 300ml of our premium water. This results in the light-weight portable nutrition we’re proud to offer consumers. For those who find themselves on the go and in need of refreshment, these pouches provide just enough for an extra boost as well!

3. Our Hydrogen Water Pouch Is Beyond Convenient

Our 300ml hydrogen water pouch is the most compact way to consume hydrogen water today. These are capable of being brought almost anywhere. From the gym to your office, or even your yoga class, our hydrogen water pouches offer an unrivaled level of convenience no other company brings to the table.

Prepping our pouch for consumption is also easy to do. With our twist off top, you’ll find the design streamlines the process of quenching your thirst. The spouted design ensures drinking hydrogen water never takes longer than it should too, resulting in a fast way to get your nutrition with ease. 

4. This Hydrogen Water Pouch Is Recyclable And Environmentally Friendly

Everyone cares about the environment, and when creating disposable packaging, we knew it’d be essential to ensure it’s environmentally friendly. At Susosu Water, we kept sustainability in mind when we decided how to package our water. And with our recyclable pouches, there’s no guilt associated with drinking our hydrogen water. So you’ll feel free to drink it whenever you see fit.

This effort will decrease your carbon footprint, resulting in a cleaner greener planet. With a guilt-free disposable hydrogen water pouch, you’ll get the nutrition you need without adding more trash to the garbage bin. It’s more important to go green than ever before. With this in mind, we’ve taken steps in the right direction to ensure the best products—without damaging the environment.

5. Our Hydrogen Water Pouch Design Is Backed By Science

These hydrogen water pouches are specifically designed to keep hydrogen gas inside. Since hydrogen is the smallest element, it’s essential to craft our packaging out of something other than the normal glass and plastic bottles most water companies use. Instead, we use an aluminum spouted pouch to ensure the hydrogen never escapes. The result is nutritious hydrogen water that’s as hydrogen-enriched as the day it was packaged.

Aluminum allows our packaging to contain and maintain each pouch’s hydrogen-infused contents. With this in mind, each of our pouches provides consumers with the nutrition they expect. So when you drink Susosu Water, you’re always getting the hydrogen infusion you need.

Concluding On Susosu Water Pouches

At Susosu Water, we know the packaging our premium hydrogen water comes in makes a world of difference. With this being the case, the pouches we use are focusing on providing an aesthetically pleasing product, usability, and convenience to consumers. Sustainability is equally essential, giving us reason to decide on environmentally friendly and recyclable pouches. 

The design of these pouches also takes science into consideration to ensure we’re delivering on the nutrition we promise. With our hydrogen water pouch, know you’re receiving a level of quality matching the premium quality of the water.

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