The Difference Between Purified, Distilled, & Mineral Water

The Difference Between Purified, Distilled, & Mineral Water

For those wondering about the difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water, you’re not alone! Caring about your health is a trend that’s never going out of style, and it’s easy to see why.

The body is around 60% water, and the recommendation for water intake is eight 8-ounce glasses per day. So the desire to drink water that provides the most health benefits should be more common, right? 

But do the benefits of mineral water mean mineral water is better?

We sure think so! We’d like to discuss the difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water. This article will go over each of these kinds of water to show how they compare and why most people believe mineral water is better than waters going through filtration processes.


The Difference In Flavor Between Purified, Distilled, And Mineral Water? Mineral Water Is Better!

Anyone who drinks water knows waters vary in the way they taste. But what’s the difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water flavoring? 

And what’s being filtered out anyway? How do these processes add to or take away from the flavor? Read on about the processes going into ensuring the taste of your water is on point.

Purified Water 

When it comes to purified water, the source doesn’t necessarily matter. This type of water goes through a purification process, removing any contaminants or chemicals to clean up the flavor. There are several kinds of purification this water might go through, and they will contribute to the taste, or lack thereof, you’ll experience. 

The most common forms of purification include carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, and distillation. Through the use of these processes, the goal is to remove any chemicals that could harm consumers. But these purification efforts can remove beneficial, flavorful minerals too. 

The processes can remove flavor-enhancing minerals such as sulfur and sodium. These minerals are not only beneficial health-wise but add to the crisp taste of the water. In turn, purified water usually will lack flavor, and mineral water is better because purified water has no taste. However, the minerals in mineral water produce an appealing flavor varying from bottle to bottle and location to location.

Distilled Water

Drinking distilled water means a person is consuming a type of purified water. This water goes through an intense filtration process that leaves it free of contaminants. But it takes out the natural minerals as well. 

Since this water lacks the mineral benefits we find in mineral water, it’s not usually the best to drink. So the difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water is that distilled water doesn’t contain any flavor infusion or significant health benefits. In turn, mineral water is better than distilled water in regards to flavor and health.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is better than purified and distilled waters in the taste category because it already comes with flavor-enhancing minerals. The taste coming from this mineral enrichment is impressive, especially because this water derives its flavor from where it’s from. The way a variety of minerals and substances infuse mineral water is better because this exposure makes this water more flavorful. 

Some of the most common minerals adding flavor to mineral water include sulfur and salt, but there are others. Ultimately, it all depends on where we derive this kind of water. Some natural springs will contain a surplus of a certain mineral, resulting in an abundance of that mineral being present in the water. All in all, flavor-wise, mineral water is better than the waters that go through an in-depth purification process.

The Difference Between Purified, Distilled, and Mineral Water In Regards To Health? — Mineral Water Is Better

Health-wise, purified and distilled water will quench thirst and hydrate you. But beyond these health benefits, mineral water is better because it provides nutrition the body craves. Continue reading to learn about the difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water health benefits and why mineral water is better. 

Mineral Water Health Benefits Purified and Distilled Water Lack:

1. Mineral Water Helps Regulate Body Fat

The minerals in mineral water assist in regulating body fat because they act as fat metabolizers. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfate, and silica contribute to this benefit. 

2. Mineral Water Manages Blood Pressure

People who have high blood pressure can regulate their blood pressure with mineral water. The magnesium and calcium concentration in mineral water both help with balancing blood pressure by impacting the electrolytic process of the body and brain.

3. Mineral Water Lessens Body Acidity

Body acidity can become a serious problem if it’s not treated. Fortunately, mineral water helps in decreasing the body’s acidity. With the catalysts found in mineral water, it promotes the production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas. These enzymes help with lessening constipation and bloating issues too. In turn, the coagulation of toxins occurring in the intestines lessens duodenum in the process. With the promotion of proper digestion, acidity in the body drops.

4. Mineral Water Reduces The Risk Of Cardiac Disease

Healthy fat metabolism comes as a result of ingesting mineral water. This means the body is producing less bad cholesterol. As a result, LDL does not accumulate in the capillaries, and this lessens the chance of having cardiac disease. 

5. Mineral Water Helps Alleviate Arthritic Pain

The active minerals and compounds in mineral water help lessen inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis. This assists with alleviating swelling and even aids patients experiencing degenerative bone problems. 

6. Mineral Water Provides More Minerals Bioavailability Than Milk

The difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water is that mineral water provides nutritional benefits comparable to milk. This is without the fat content too! Drinking mineral water provides the body with essential nutrients while avoiding nonessential calories. And everyone can appreciate that!

7. Mineral Water Promotes Healthy Skin

Another difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water is that healthy skin comes with drinking mineral water. Mineral water is better because it contains silica that promotes collagen production. More collagen means clear, firm, moist, glowing skin!

8. Mineral Water Heightens Physical Alertness

Muscle response rate increases with mineral water ingestion. The minerals help the muscles in contracting and expanding without hesitation, bringing a heightened state of physical awareness to consumers.

9. Mineral Water Leads To Health Bones

We’ve all heard milk makes healthy bones, but mineral water is better! A significant difference between purified, distilled, and mineral water is how mineral water contains calcium. This mineral helps the body protect bones, nails, and teeth from harm.

Looking for Premium Mineral Water?

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