What is the Healthiest Water to Drink?

What is the Healthiest Water to Drink?

Why Is Drinking Water Important?

There is no doubt the human body needs adequate water to function efficiently. Without sufficient water, every tissue, cell, and muscle in our body will be weak or even become inactive. Water makes up a more significant percentage of our bodies. According to Water Science School, up to sixty percent (60%) of the human body is water. Medical News Today supports this claim and adds that the percentage of water in the human body could be as low as 45% and as high as 75%. It is why health experts recommend that an average human being drinks between eight and ten glasses of water daily.  

But as beneficial as water is to the body, it’s all about choosing the right form of water to maximize the health benefits fully. Therefore, the ability to identify the healthiest water to drink is as important as (if not more important than) drinking enough water daily. We, as professionals, have come together to provide you with a list of water from the least healthy to the healthiest. Here we go!  

Tap Water

Our research discovered that tap water is the least healthy water to drink though it is the most popular. Tap water is a form of purified water. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it safe for drinking. However, tap water is safe for drinking does not make it beneficial to human health. Before you drink from your faucets, tap water undergoes a series of purification processes. Chlorine, for instance, is often used for killing germs, microorganisms, and bacteria in tap water to make it potable. Ozone is another chemical that performs a similar purpose. However, these processes only neutralize all potential harms that could accompany drinking tap water but don’t make the water rich in nutrients beneficial for your body. Additionally, the chemicals destroy the natural nutrients of the water.  

Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) declared tap water safe for drinking, you should pay attention to the source and treatment of tap water that you drink. If the source is foul and the water is not thoroughly purified, you put your health at risk if you attempt to drink it.

Distilled Water

Another form of purified water and the second least healthy water on our list! In one of our earlier posts about distilled water, we made it clear that distilled water undergoes an intense purification process that removes contaminants and natural nutrients such as sulfur and sodium from it. It means that, in the process of purifying distilled water, it loses its health benefits, including its ability to hydrate the body for a longer time. On top of that, distilled water also loses its flavor in terms of taste since natural nutrients and minerals give a rich flavor to water. These, altogether, does not make distilled water the healthiest choice.

Alkaline Water

While alkaline water has numerous health benefits such as anti-aging, anti-oxidation, pH level regulation, and prevention of chronic diseases, it equally poses different threats to your health and well-being. With a pH level of 8-9, alkaline water is made from alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). Its main adverse effect is low pH level in the body, leading to a weakened immune system and metabolic alkalosis. Just as low acidity levels in the body prevent the immune system from defeating pathogens before they enter the bloodstream, excessive alkalinity causes skin irritation and gastrointestinal problems. In addition, a collection of research works published in AquaLiv found out that alkaline water is harmful to the body, especially to those with kidney problems. Lastly, too alkaline water can cause a decrease in free calcium in the body; and this will, in the long run, affect the body’s bone health.

Hydrogen Water

This, unanimously, is the healthiest water you can drink. Also known as hydrogen-rich water or hydrogen-infused water, hydrogen water is regular water infused with extra molecular hydrogen. Because hydrogen is the smallest molecule, it has the ability to go deep into your cells to remove harmful toxins and protect healthy ones. You might ask, “doesn’t all water have hydrogen already in it?”. The answer is yes, all conventional water does have hydrogen, but regular water has one eight-millionth of an mg of H2, and there is no therapeutic value at such a low concentration. It is highly nutritious and beneficial to the body, and it has no adverse effect at all, which makes it the most healthy water to drink. Hydrogen water benefits the body through lasting hydration, anti-inflammatory substances, natural energy, body fat regulation, blood pressure management, prevention of diseases, and antioxidants. Interestingly enough, each of these benefits is scientifically backed up. Drinking a lot of hydrogen water daily is a good way of maintaining good health.  


All waters are not created equally, and various factors can determine the healthiness and efficiency of the water quality and benefits. Understanding that hydrogen water is by far the healthiest type of water in the market can help your health in the long run. Hydrogen water is originally from Japan and has expanded to numerous countries around the world. There are a limited number of hydrogen water brands in the U.S. However, the best in quality and the most authentic brand would have to be Susosu Hydrogen Water, a premium hydrogen water brand. Susosu Water is made from all-natural mineral water from the springs of South Korea infused with extra molecular hydrogen with high-quality patented machines imported from Japan. Try Susosu Water today and achieve a healthier you! 

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