Science Behind Hydrogen Water And Beauty

Science Behind Hydrogen Water And Beauty

Much has been said about how hydrogen water benefits the skin and enhances human beauty in general. As noted in Hydrogen Water Benefits your Skin, benefits of hydrogen water are enormous. Hydrogen water improves different skin conditions including skin hydration, collagen and sun spots. Beyond these, it also supports human health, and provides a more nutritious water option that is devoid of adverse effects. As such, it is safe to refer to hydrogen water as an effective secret of beauty and healthy living.

Considering its reported proven track record of success among users, there is no doubt that hydrogen water benefits our skin in many ways. However, whether this is a fact or a mere coincidence hasn't been established. It is in this the light that this article explains the scientific processes that culminate in the effectiveness of hydrogen water. This is in a bid to assuring you that hydrogen water benefits the skin in a systematic and empirical manner.

How Hydrogen Water Works

Each of the benefits of hydrogen water has a scientific backup. Researchers from all walks of life have carried out different studies to verify and validate the potency of hydrogen water benefits. Interestingly enough, results of these studies do not only confirm that hydrogen water enhances skin beauty, they also explain exactly how it does. One of such studies was conducted by a New York dermatologist, Macrene Alexiades, MD, who explained how hydrogen water benefits our skin in numerous ways. 

According to him, hydrogen water is useful in preventing and treating oxidative damages resulting from a stroke, skin aging and series of metabolic diseases. This is made possible by the presence of molecular hydrogen which is a promising instant anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, and depuffing effect. Also, he added that hydrogen water contains active substances that reduce free radicals which result in skin aging or cancer. This is similar to the outcome of two scientific research works published in a Japanese Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in 2011. 

Findings of the studies revealed that hydrogen water is effective in the treatment of neck wrinkles and UV-damaged skin surface. The first study which ascertained that hydrogen water improves neck wrinkles condition used six subjects with neck wrinkles for the experiment that led to this conclusion. The six subjects were made to bathe in hydrogen-enriched water once daily for three months, after which it was discovered that there was a significant improvement in their neck wrinkles. The second research exposed victims of UV-damaged human fibroblasts to hydrogen water, and observed that affected parts of their skin produced more collagen after being treated with hydrogen water. Specifically, the collagen production rate of the damaged skin surface increased by 200% upon treatment with hydrogen water. 

In the same vein, a review published in Medical Gas Research in 2013 highlighted how hydrogen water operates in human system to prevent and cure skin problems like aging and cancer. The review pointed out that hydrogen water operates from the mitochondria which is the energy centers of a cell. From there, it penetrates the nucleus and gains access to DNA's store where it releases anti-cancer and anti-aging substances in the body. It's these substances that protect the skin from the aforementioned skin problems or reduce their severity in those who have them already.

Furthermore, the fact that hydrogen water contains high quantity of antioxidants substance empowers it to prevent the emergence of acne and other related cellular damages. Acne is said to be caused by oxidation stress, especially through the production of inflammatory agents. As such, it becomes impossible for it to grow in an environment pervaded by antioxidants which fights reactive oxygen species (ROS). Therefore, hydrogen water is a great source of support for the natural antioxidants in our body. Apart from boosting it to function more effectively, antioxidants from hydrogen water also serves as backup for our body's in-built antioxidants towards the reduction of inflammation of all sorts.

Lastly, a study on the effect of hydrogen water on periodontal treatment made it clear that the antioxidants in the water does more than mere reduction of inflammation. Hydrogen water's antioxidants also enhances the effectiveness of periodontal treatment and skin problems like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Its microscopic size is one the reasons hydrogen water performs these series of skin treatment functions effortlessly. And unlike Vitamin C which is usually accompanied by a side effect when used for neutralization, hydrogen water has no adverse effect at all. While Vitamin C changes active free radical into a less active one called ascorbyl, the end product of using hydrogen is water.


Hydrogen water is a priority for everyone who values their beauty. Since different skin problems won't stop threatening your radiance, it is important you take necessary preventive measures through hydrogen water to remain fresh or restore your beauty, as the case may be. Benefits of hydrogen water are scientifically endorsed, hence you should feel safe and secured to explore them.

Beauty Starts From the Inside Out: Hydrogen Water Benefits Your Skin

Beauty Starts From the Inside Out: Hydrogen Water Benefits Your Skin

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Self Care During Quarantine

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