6 Facts About The Healthiest Drinking Water You Never Knew

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“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink”
- line from the poem, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It feels needless to state that water is essential for the sustenance and survival of human life. Whether you are trying to achieve glowing skin, detox your body, lose a few pounds, improve your digestion, or better your focus and energy levels, water knows how to get it all done. However, there’s a specific fitness aspect that one needs to consider when consuming water. After all, there’s a reason why sewage water is considered highly unfit for drinking. When choosing the best healthy water to drink, there are a few considerations one needs to be mindful of. This blog shares the top six facts about the most healthy water to drink.


Although the water accessible across different sources in our household is primarily controlled by stringent industry regulations, certain contaminants manage to breach through the filtration systems. These contaminants include plastic particles, pesticide residue, fluoride, and even aluminum.

Example of source type: Tapwater


Flavored water is another water variant in the consumer universe. If a person consumes such kind of water daily like regular water, he/ she is likely to experience weight gain and sugar spikes in the blood due to the presence of extra sugar in the water. This is especially harmful to people who have diabetes.


Certain bottled water variants are said to carry a high pH value with added salts and alkaline minerals that are supposed to neutralize the acid levels of our body and even prevent cancer. However, there’s not enough scientific evidence to support this fact.

Example of source type: Alkaline water


For guaranteeing the safety standards of drinking water, many brands claim to be extra-purified or be distilled. Although these are great options when one is traveling to a place where tap water might be contaminated, it can lead to a deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins in the long term.

Example of source type: distilled and purified water

Considering the prevalence of contaminants and adulteration in our lives, it’s essential to give a thought to the healthiest drinking water option, just like we do it for our food. With hydrogen water being the next big health trend, it makes more sense why you should be giving it a try considering its well-balanced benefits. And modern packaging practices and industry standards ensure that you get to enjoy the hydration benefits of hydrogen without missing out on any of the benefits. Shop now on https://susosuwater.com to try out the highest quality in hydrogen water.

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