Why Hydrogen Water Is The Next Big Health Trend

Why Hydrogen Water Is The Next Big Health Trend

In the 20th century, nutritionists and other health experts saw a need to promote organic products not only for their benefits but also because they have no side effects unlike products with chemicals. That led to the organic movement which, reportedly, is part of the Asian culture right from time. While organic products were popular amongst Asian countries from inception, the United States and the United Kingdom did not embrace the natural trend until 2002 when the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a national standard for organic products. Since then, the popularity of organic products has increased all over the world.

Out of the numerous organic products that surfaced after global recognition, two which are organic beauty products and organic foods and beverages are more welcomed than others. More people opt for organic foods and beverages every year, and the demand for them has been on the rise over the years. For instance, the Organic Trade Association recorded sales of organic foods and beverages worth $39.39 billion in 2015. But in 2016, there was a record of $43 billion worth of sales. It’s in this light that Cision reported that the functional food and beverage market will be worth $208.13 billion by 2024 – a remarkable growth! 

These figures should, however, not sound strange given the current trend in the health and wellness market. People have understood the need to pay for healthy products, especially organic foods and beverages. As such, healthy/organic products like hydrogen water now attract high patronage. This justifies USA Today’s finding that shoppers prefer organic foods and beverages though they are quite costlier. Hydrogen water, being a functional beverage, is the next big health trend for many reasons. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • Hydrogen Water Contains Much-Needed Minerals: Everyone craves sound health and wellness. In fact, no one hesitates to spend big on issues relating to their health. To a lot of people, beauty is part of their wellness because it boosts their self-confidence, self-esteem and radiance. As such, minerals that enhance beauty are of great importance to everyone. Hydrogen water contains these minerals. 

In other words, one of the reasons hydrogen water is the next big health trend is its mineral composition. The functional water has the most sought-after minerals and is a potent antioxidant. It is also an effective treatment for reducing and eliminating free radicals. Not only that, hydrogen water protects the skin from the harms of UV rays which could lead to cancer. Who doesn’t want to enjoy all these health benefits of drinking hydrogen water? 

  • Hydrogen Water is Multi-Functional: Hydrogen water benefits the body in numerous ways. However, these enormous benefits can be categorized into three. First, hydrogen water is an effective anti-inflammation. With this function, hydrogen water fights chronic inflammation in the body to prevent serious health challenges. Secondly, hydrogen water is a natural energy booster. The functional water offers the body additional energy it needs to be efficient without any side effect. Lastly, hydrogen water is a potent antioxidant, for it saves the body from the incessant attacks of oxidative stress. 

  • Drinking Hydrogen Water is Risk Free: Isn’t it ridiculous to spend your own money on water that leads to immediate or remote (or both) health problems? That’s what chemical-based water does to your body system. People now prefer organic drinks to those made with additional chemicals. 

Apart from the fact that drinking hydrogen water is highly beneficial to your wellness, the functional water also has zero short-term and long-term adverse effects. First, hydrogen water is 100% natural. Every drop, therefore, is rich in nutrients that benefit your body without causing any damage. Unlike artificial water that contains harmful chemicals, hydrogen water is totally chemical-free. And as part of efforts to maintain the risk-free nature of the functional water, Susosu packs it in pouches that are BPA free and can be recycled.


Though there are different hydrogen water brands, Susosu Hydrogen Water is the best amongst others. Considering the quality, price, accessibility and benefits of our hydrogen water, no other brand comes close to us. We have the functional water in different sizes to make it portable and to suit different needs. If you subscribe and place your order today, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount! Order now

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