Hydrogen Infused Water Vs Sports Drinks

Hydrogen Infused Water Vs Sports Drinks

There is no doubt that athletes need healthy drinks not only to stay hydrated but also to stay fit always. What seems unclear is the best drink option for exercise/ sports among numerous drinks in different stores. A lot of athletes struggle to determine what exactly to drink for safe and enhanced efficiency whether before, during or after exercise, or when thirsty generally. Specifically, many do not know when to take sports drinks and when to drink hydrogen water because they are not sure of the better and appropriate choice. This is why, in this article, we explain which drink (between hydrogen infused water and sports drinks) is better for sports or exercise. But before proceeding with that, let’s examine both hydrogen water and sports drinks.

What is Hydrogen Water?

Also known as hydrogen rich water or hydrogen infused water, hydrogen water is a kind of all-natural water which contains different healthy nutrients. Its high quality taste is very refreshing though it is 100% free of chemicals. Besides, the presence of hydrogen molecules in the water makes it very clean and crisp. A good example of hydrogen water is Susosu Hydrogen Water.

What are Sports Drinks?

Any drink or beverage that contains dissolved minerals for improving athletes’ performance is known as a sports drink. While some of the drinks are rich in carbs, others have low to no carbs at all.  Apart from carbs, other main ingredients of sports drinks are potassium, amino acid and sodium. Most sports drinks or beverages are colored.

Comparing and Contrasting the Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water and Sports Drinks

Probably because of their name, sports drinks are believed to be the better drink for exercise or sports. However, recent studies – one of which was conducted by Healthline – seem to prove otherwise. To ascertain which of hydrogen infused water and sports drinks is better for exercise or sports, the health benefits of the two drinks are examined. 

  • Natural Source of Energy vs Artificial Source of Energy: While both hydrogen water and sports drinks are sources of energy, the former is all-natural while the latter is not. This means that energy gotten from sports drink has accompanying side effects though they do not manifest until after several years. On the other hand, drinking hydrogen water has no adverse effect – whether short-term or long-term! In addition, energy gotten from a natural source is more powerful than the one from an artificial source. By implication, hydrogen water gives athletes the much-needed additional energy to be efficient without any side effects while sports drinks provide athletes with less powerful energy yet accompanied by long-term adverse effects. 
  • Useful after 1-Hour+ Heavy Exercise vs Useful for all kinds of Exercise: According to Dr Nish, sports drinks benefit only athletes who engage in a heavy exercise for, at least, one hour. That is to say sports drinks facilitate recovery process in athletes who have engaged in an intense exercise for one hour or more. This is unlike hydrogen water which aids recovery after all kinds of exercise irrespective of their duration. Also, hydrogen water benefits athletes who engage in both light and intense exercises. Therefore, the recovery function of sports drinks is limited while that of hydrogen water is universal.
  • Curative Function vs Preventive/Curative Functions: Sports drinks do not help athletes last long during exercise. What they, rather, do is provide an athlete’s body with nutrients to recover from fatigue. Hydrogen water, however, does more than that. Hydrogen water does not only help athletes recover from fatigue, it also helps athletes to build a strong immune system which prevents them from premature fatigue. In other words, if an athlete drinks hydrogen water regularly, he or she will not get tired easily during exercise. And when the athlete is tired eventually, hydrogen water replaces fluids lost through sweat, urine and other means so that the athlete remains fit.


Though sports drinks are very good for the fitness of athletes, hydrogen water is better by far. Apart from the fact that hydrogen water provides athletes with powerful energy that is all-natural, it also benefits different categories of athletes (those that engage in light  exercise and those that engage in intense exercise irrespective of the duration). Besides, hydrogen water prevents fatigue and also cures it when it occurs eventually. Hence, every athlete who wants to last longer during exercise; recover from fatigue quickly and stay fit always without any side effect should choose hydrogen water over sports drinks. Hydrogen water is the better drink choice for sports or exercise! So, place an order for undiluted hydrogen water from our store now. Susosu Hydrogen Water is the best brand and the choice of millions of athletes all over the world.

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