Hydrogen Water: Should You Add it To Your Lifestyle?

Hydrogen Water: Should You Add it To Your Lifestyle?
You may have heard of spring water, sparkling water, or even alkaline water. But did you know there is another form of water available that’s popularly known as hydrogen-enriched water?

Now, you may be wondering what is hydrogen-infused water and how it is even different from other forms of water.

Water (and that includes all forms of water) is made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. But hydrogen water may be a bit different from your regular water. How? Let’s learn more about this premium water and see whether it’s worth adding to your lifestyle:

What is hydrogen-enriched water?

Simply put, hydrogen water is regular water infused with extra molecular hydrogen. Pure hydrogen is added to regular water by pressurizing and dissolving hydrogen gas into regular water.

Dissolving more hydrogen in water doesn’t alter its pH value, taste, or molecular structure of H2O, says experts. However, because this premium water does have more hydrogen molecules, it provides users with additional health benefits that regular water cannot provide.

So, is hydrogen-enriched water worth adding to your lifestyle?

Research suggests that adding hydrogen water to users’ diets may have some health benefits to offer. Should you drink hydrogen water every day, you may expect to reap the following benefits:

Improved energy levels

Hydrogen-enriched water is believed to be an all-natural energy booster, preventing you from relying on other energy-boosting supplements or increasing your sugar levels for a surge in energy.

In an experiment focused on how hydrogen water affected ten young athletes, eight cyclists were given two liters of hydrogen water each day. And during this experiment, those cyclists experienced a boost in their energy levels and felt less exhausted.

Another study reveals that weight lifters and bodybuilders who were given hydrogen water could lift more weight without developing exhaustion.

So, by replacing your regular water, energy drinks or artificial supplements with hydrogen-enriched water, you may be able to reap higher levels of energy.

Disease prevention

Hydrogen water is richer in antioxidants, which are crucial for preventing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a type of stress that results from normal body functions, as well as external forces. It is linked to cancer and many other diseases.
Additionally, hydrogen water has improved anti-inflammatory properties, which are linked to the prevention of heart disease and other life-threatening diseases.

Reduced side effects from radiation therapy

One study of 49 individuals with live cancer revealed that drinking hydrogen-enriched water for a few weeks while undergoing radiation therapy can reduce the side effects of the therapy and improve the quality of life.

The side effects of radiation therapy include hair loss, nausea, skin problems, fatigue, and many others. However, more research is needed in this direction.


Although there is limited research in the United States, hydrogen water is believed to be a much healthier choice than regular water and provides users with numerous benefits. It is very popular in a handful of countries in Asia. In conclusion, adding hydrogen water can only benefit your lifestyle in a positive way and it is highly recommended.
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