Drinking Water Before Bed (For The Sake Of Your Health!)

Drinking Water Before Bed (For The Sake Of Your Health!)

It’s common knowledge that you should drink water every day. But are there benefits of drinking water before bed? 

An overactive bladder could make guzzling bottles of water before bed a risky move. However, you need to replenish the water you’re losing over the course of 24 hours.

In this article, we’ll touch upon the benefits of drinking water before bed, some science backing these claims, and hydrogen water benefits you’ll want to incorporate in your bedtime ritual.


Is drinking water before bed healthy?

The short answer is “yes.” But we’ll delve a bit deeper into the science behind this.

Can a lack of hydration turn your mood sour? The answer might surprise you.


Top Benefits Of Drinking Water Before Bed

Improving Your Mood With Hydrogen Water Before Bed

In a 2014 study, researchers showed how water deprivation could adversely impact your mood. The study examined 52 high (22) and low (30) fluid volume intake subjects. Throughout this study, these researchers found that people who typically drink a lot of water lacked the same level of calmness and felt fewer positive emotions when they were limited to drinking less water than they were accustomed to being given.

Then they analyzed the subjects who usually have a lower fluid intake. After giving these individuals an increase in their fluids, they exhibited more positive emotions, satisfaction, and calmness as a result.

Naturally Cleansing Your Body Before Bed With Hydrogen Water

While many people enjoy drinking cool or cold water, room temperature water is the best way to drink it before going to sleep. This is a natural method of detoxing the body and improving digestion.

Since room temperature water increases blood circulation (depending on the temperature of the room, of course), drinking it before bed promotes the efficient breaking down of waste while increases sweat output as you sleep. While sweating will result in fluid loss throughout the night, it also promotes the secretion of excess toxins and salts while cleaning your skin cells.

The benefit of drinking room temperature water before bed is that it pushes toxins out while maintaining your hydration throughout the night. However, it can also assist your body in avoiding cramping or pain in your stomach. All in all, room temperature hydrogen water pouches can provide these benefits when used as a nightcap.

Not a fan of bland water? That’s alright. Some people prefer to add something to their water to give it a little flavor. For example, a little lemon or lime juice can go a long way in pleasing your taste buds. Also, these citruses contain vitamin C, providing you the added benefit of boosting your immune system overnight.


Benefits Of Hydrogen Water

Naturally boosting your energy is just one of the many benefits of hydrogen water. Regardless of if you’re an athlete or simply feel you’d prefer to have more energy throughout the day, our hydrogen water pouches increase energy with ease.

You won’t need to increase your sugar intake or ingest harmful supplements. Instead, you have a convenient pouch infused with hydrogen molecules. These molecules can decrease lactic acid build-up and reduce muscle fatigue, as well. They also help to detoxify the body and improve digestion.

For those looking to enhance their mood, hydrogen water does the trick. It increases blood cells to promote a better mood. Hydrogen water is also responsible for encouraging natural brain cell growth. Some people even find this infusion assists with symptoms relating to major depressive disorder.

Inflammation is essential, but sometimes, it can run amuck. Hydrogen water has the power to keep inflammation in check. With this being the case, chronic inflammation brought on by diseases or conditions can be deterred with our hydrogen water pouches.

Your body needs protection from oxidative stress. Fortunately, the free radicals that cause oxidative stress are mitigated by the hydrogen molecules found in our pouches. Since this is one of the most potent antioxidants in existence, it should come as no surprise that hydrogen water can prolong the symptoms associated with oxidative stress. These include wrinkles and deteriorating health!

Conclusion On Drinking Water Before Bed

As you can see, drinking water before bed comes with its benefits. However, drinking Susosu Water before bed comes with even more! At Susosu Water, we’re providing health-conscious consumers like you with hydrogen infused water. We’re promoting health by pairing it with the convenience of a pouch.

Keeping your body healthy is our mission, and when you’re drinking our pouches before bed helps us accomplish this mission with ease. Add Susosu Water to your nightly hydration regiment and feel the difference our hydrogen water pouches will make in your health.

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