Why Hydrogen Water Tablets Do Not Work

Why Hydrogen Water Tablets Do Not Work

Do hydrogen water tablets work? Well, not so much. In fact, it’s safe to say that hydrogen water tablets do not work as one might expect. While hydrogen water comes with a list of benefits, the companies pushing hydrogen water tablets don’t explain what else you’ll find in their products: magnesium hydroxide.

So why is this a problem? Is magnesium hydroxide going to hurt you? Well, when one uses magnesium hydroxide the right way, they’ll receive some health benefits. But it’s possible to go overboard with it. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to overdose on this stuff. And while you’re not going to die, you’ll experience some serious discomfort. For example, diarrhea and other digestive issues you likely want to avoid. The fact of the matter is that when one takes hydrogen water tablets, it’s super easy to take in too much of this stuff. And it’s always nice to avoid digestive issues whenever possible!

What To Expect From Hydrogen Water Tablets

So you’re likely wondering what you can expect from hydrogen water tablets. In this instance, your curiosity is justified. Here is the low-down on these tablets and why they don’t work as one might expect:

Diarrhea. No one wants diarrhea to happen to them, and with magnesium hydroxide being one of the main ingredients used in laxatives including Ex-Lax and Milk of Magnesia, it’s easy to see that it’s best to avoid hydrogen water tablets like the plague!

Problems If You’re Pregnant Or Nursing. If you’re expecting a child or currently nursing one, it’s ideal to avoid hydrogen water tablets. Magnesium hydroxide lacks appropriate research regarding its impact on new-born babies and infants, and unknown risks are never worth taking. For those of you who are pregnant or nursing, make sure you discuss ingesting hydrogen water tablets that contain magnesium hydroxide. There’s no telling what this stuff can do to new-borns and infants, so talking about the potential risks with a doctor is always ideal.

Overdosing On Magnesium Hydroxide. Hydrogen water tablets can result in a person overdosing on magnesium hydroxide. And while this stuff likely won’t kill you, you’ll be in a world of discomfort as a result. Those suffering from a magnesium hydroxide overdose typically experience muscle weakness, slow or irregular heartbeats, a lack of urination, severe diarrhea, and mood changes.


While you might be able to get some hydrogen from hydrogen water tablets, they don’t work as well as quality hydrogen water infusion. Even though the tablets contain hydrogen, the magnesium hydroxide these companies are adding has the potential to put your health at risk. And isn’t the whole reason you’re upping your hydrogen intake to boost your health? Avoid the hydrogen water tablets and opt for Susosu Water’s hydrogen-infused mineral water instead!

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