Is Japanese Water Therapy Safe?

Is Japanese Water Therapy Safe?

Japanese Water Therapy Explained

Japan is actually #2 in the world when it comes to the lengthiness of its peoples’ lives. So doesn’t it make sense to take some notes from some of their strategies to lead a healthier life?

Japanese water therapy is common in Japan, acting as a morning ritual for some. This therapy highlights drinking 22 ounces of water — or 2 pouches of Susosu Water— on an empty stomach. This routine happens each day in the morning, as well as at certain times before or after meals.

So is this miracle water therapy? Or is the Japanese tradition of drinking water early in the morning superstition? Those who support the practice believe that drinking water this way helps to promote weight loss by helping with the digestive system. It’s also thought that Japanese water therapy promotes health by treating a plethora of health issues.

While we can’t conclude that this water therapy is the miracle water some say it is, we can confidently say that drinking hydrogen-rich water first thing in the morning is not going to damage your health. In fact, it’s likely to promote a variety of health benefits because of all that molecular hydrogen has been shown to do for the human body.

The Japanese Water Therapy Practice

So for those who’ve never heard of this sort of therapy, here’s what you’re expected to do:

  1. First thing in the morning, you’ll have to drink between four and six servings of water. You’re to do this before eating or drinking anything else. The water you’re consuming should be either warm or room temperature.
  2. Once you finish your water, brush your teeth. Don’t eat or drink anything for a minimum of 45 minutes. After this time passes, you can continue conducting the remainder of your day.
  3. Each meal you consume throughout the day should not be followed by consuming or drinking anything else for a minimum of two hours.
  4. If you’re an elderly person, someone who suffers from a severe health condition, or are just not starting with Japanese water therapy, don’t start out too strong. Try beginning with a single serving of water each day and increase your intake over time.
  5. If you find it challenging to drink all of the water in a single sitting, relax for a few minutes between each serving of water. This will provide your stomach with a much-needed rest between servings.

What Else Does Japanese Water Therapy Recommend?

This theory recommends the following:

  • Every day you should include a quite walk lasting a minimum of one hour. This theory claims this walk will assist in boosting metabolism.
  • Try to abstain from eating and drinking while standing because this can negatively impact the digestion process.
  • Thoroughly chew food before swallowing because this will assist in digestion.
  • Every night before sleeping, gargle a concoction of warm water and salt a minimum of four or five times.

So Can Japanese Water Therapy Damage Your Health?

While we don’t know for sure whether this water therapy will cure illnesses, it’s safe. Japanese water therapy has been known to assist people with stress, weight loss, and digestion, and none of the activities it calls for have the potential to hurt you.

People participating in this ritual claim to experience more energy throughout the day and an increase in digestive efficiency as well. Thus, giving a plethora of excellent reasons to drink several pouches of hydrogen-rich Susosu Water first thing in the morning.

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