Spring Cleaning Your Body

Spring Cleaning Your Body

detoxification system. When you sleep, your brain gets the chance to rest, but it’s  Spring is here, and it’s time to do some Spring cleaning. But what’s the most important aspect of your life to clean?

That’s right — your body.

While your body can handle the toxins you may have been ingesting, it’s possible to enhance the way your body detoxes. In this article, we’ll discuss some strategies you can use to rejuvenate your health this year.

Stop With The Alcohol

For starters, limiting or even fully stopping alcohol consumption does a body good. The problem is that since 90 percent of alcohol is metabolized in the liver, the liver tends to suffer from excess drinking. But alcohol consumption hurts more than just the liver.

When a person excessively drinks, they’re damaging their liver function because of the fat buildup. This also results in an increase in inflammation and scarring.

Decreasing or stopping alcohol consumption allows the body’s detoxification processes to work as efficiently as possible. With this in mind, it’s ideal to limit your alcohol intake if you do enjoy an occasional drink. While some heart benefits of drinking alcohol exist, they don’t outweigh the adverse effects it has on the body.

Drink More Water

Water goes beyond satisfying a dry mouth, and when you consider everything that hydrogen water does for the body, it’s easy to see that drinking more does a body good. From regulating body temperature to helping with nutrient absorption, water is an elixir that promotes good health. It even detoxifies the body as it takes waste products out.

Water disposes of waste products through urination, sweating, and breathing, making proper hydration essential for spring cleaning your body. But hydrogen water takes water intake to the next level by acting as an antioxidant as well.

Increase Antioxidant Intake

Did you know Susosu hydrogen water benefits the body by acting as an antioxidant? While you can get these cell-protecting qualities from eating foods rich in antioxidants, our hydrogen water pouch is fighting oxidative stress. These pouches are a natural form of detoxifying without harming the body.

While the body naturally produces molecules to protect your cells from free radical damage, having hydrogen water to give you extra protection is always ideal. Some other antioxidants you’ll want to add to your diet include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zeaxanthin, lutein, and lycopene. You’ll find high concentrations of antioxidants in a variety of foods, such as fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, spices, cocoa, and drinks such as coffee, green tea, and hydrogen water.

Get More Sleep

Sleep will keep your body in tip-top shape by supporting its health and natural detoxification system. When you sleep, your brain gets the chance to rest, but it’s also taking toxic waste byproducts out of your body simultaneously. With this being the case, getting more sleep will benefit your body.

In fact, you should be sleeping between seven and nine hours each night. This is an excellent way to stay healthy and keep your body working as it should.

So if you’re looking for ways to detox your body and keep it working as it should, these strategies will help. You’ll find your body functioning better and your mind decluttered as you offer your body a Spring cleaning it’ll surely appreciate!


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