Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen? Unveiling the Power of Hydrogen Water

Doesn’t Water Already Contain Hydrogen? Unveiling the Power of Hydrogen Water

Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen? Well, of course. But is that enough hydrogen to give the body what it craves? Not likely. Don’t worry. We’ll explain this a bit more in detail shortly.

As you’ll see in some of our other articles, there’s a lot of research and many studies highlighting the fact that the hydrogen molecule is capable of improving human health drastically. With this being the case, more hydrogen infusion provides a more health-infused drinking experience. And anyone can appreciate this fact!

Whether male or female, young or old, healthy or ill, people experience health benefits from drinking hydrogen water. With this in mind, it’s no wonder so many people are wondering how to make hydrogen water on their own!

But knowing how to make hydrogen water isn’t enough when it comes to creating a quality hydrogen-infused beverage. There’s more that goes into premium hydrogen water offerings than simply adding hydrogen to the water. Throughout this article, we’ll answer the question “Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen?” more fully, explain how to make hydrogen water, and elaborate on Susosu Water’s patented equipment to provide a well-rounded explanation of what our brand offers consumers.

How To Make Hydrogen Water

Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen? It does, however, if you’re looking for health benefits from your water, then you’re going to want a higher concentration of H in your H2O! Conventional water has just one eighth-millionth of a milligram of hydrogen, meaning it lacks the same therapeutic benefits consumers find when drinking hydrogen-infused water.

Learning how to make hydrogen water means looking past the simplistic answer to “Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen” and understanding the benefits of enriching water with more hydrogen. For example, we produce hydrogen water by pressurizing and dissolving hydrogen into the mineral water. With this being said, knowing how to make quality hydrogen water means taking some steps other than dissolving hydrogen in water.

At Susosu Water, our factory in South Korea consists of patented machines that were imported from Japan! These machines ensure the amount of dissolved hydrogen in our water is 1.2 PPM to 0.8 PPM (Parts Per Million). The fact of the matter is that there is no therapeutic value of H2 at the low concentration found in normal water. Susosu Water has between 2.2 and 1.2 mg of hydrogen. We’ve found that the higher the concentration of hydrogen, the more health benefits consumers find from drinking hydrogen water!

We also use UV sterilization to ensure the freshest, cleanest hydrogen water possible. With these two methods, we’re bringing hydrogen water to the next level, and this is something our consumers appreciate.

Making hydrogen water typically involves using a hydrogen water generator or hydrogen water machine. With these machines, electrolysis is being used to break the molecular hydrogen away from the water molecules, forming hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Once these molecules are separate from one another, the device releases hydrogen molecules back into the water. Through this process, the machine makes the water hydrogen-rich. At Susosu Water, we’re pressurizing and dissolving additional hydrogen in the water. As a result, our hydrogen water includes a level of hydrogen concentration that provides our consumers with therapeutic benefits.

Behind The Science Of Hydrogen Infusion

Is hydrogen-rich water still H2O? Yes. The formula of water doesn’t change when it is hydrogenated, although the way the molecules are clustered does change.

Normal water has clusters of 12 to 14 molecules of H2O. Hydrogen-rich water has smaller clusters, normally containing six molecules, giving rise to hexagonal water. Each cluster of six molecules of H2O traps a hydrogen molecule through an ionic link. The clusters then carry the hydrogen to our cells.

Hydrogen uses diffusion. This means when it comes into the body, if it doesn’t encounter oxygen free radicals, it becomes gas and is emitted when a person exhales. With this being the case, it will not remain in the body.

While you can learn how to make hydrogen water, there are a few issues with making it for yourself. For starters, hydrogen water generators can be dangerous to your health. The fact of the matter is that hydrogen water generators don’t work. Read more and learn about why hydrogen water makers don’t work in this article.

Another issue is that hydrogen gas begins escaping from the water as soon as the water is infused. This is comparable to how the carbonation in a bottle of soda or carbonated water dissipates and leaves the beverage without the carbon dioxide bubbles after a while. Although it won’t begin dissipating immediately or completely, the level of hydrogen in the water will eventually diminish below a therapeutic level. Susosu Water combats this problem with its innovative packaging.

Susosu Water’s Patented Equipment

Our hydrogen water pouch design keeps the hydrogen infusion fresh. Hydrogen molecules are tiny. In fact, hydrogen is the smallest element. With this in mind, we knew we couldn’t use the typical glass or plastic packaging to hold our hydrogen water. Rather, we patented an aluminum spouted pouch that keeps the hydrogen in our hydrogen water. As a result, our consumers receive hydrogen-infusion that’s just as good as the day it was put in the pouch!

At Susosu Water, we understand the importance of having quality packaging that works well with our premium water. But we also know that there are other characteristics we need to include in it too.

Besides being aesthetically appealing, our packaging was created with our consumers in mind. Not only is this the perfect size pouch to consume its contents in under 30 minutes, but it provides a light-weight portable nutrition option as well. With 300ml of hydrogen water on-hand at any time without hesitation, we’ve found that our pouches are the perfect holder for hydrogen water.

Instead of offering a bulky piece of equipment for hydrogen water storage, we opted to create and patent a convenient pouch that can go anywhere. Unlike big water bottles and jugs, these pouches fit in any backpack or duffle bag with ease and are ready to toss when they finished.

Oh, and did we mention that these pouches are recyclable and environmentally friendly? As time goes on and the world becomes faster, offering convenience through our brand means creating a disposable package for our consumers. But we don’t want to aid in ruining the environment, so we came up with a sustainable option for our packaging. These pouches are perfect for those on the run, and there’s no need to feel any guilt about using this disposable package because it’s totally recyclable. Read more about our pouches here.


“Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen?” is now a question to which you now know the answer. But it’s important to understand that with Susosu Water, you’re getting a higher concentration of hydrogen infusion, fresh hydrogen water each time you pop open a pouch, and clean water treated with a UV sterilization process. With our convenient pouches, you should expect quality hydrogen water that’s going to give you the same nutrition as the day we filled the pouches!



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