Does Hydrogen Water Help Cure Hangovers?

Does Hydrogen Water Help Cure Hangovers?

The things people are willing to do when looking for a remedy for a hangover are incredible. While some people opt for a Gatorade first thing in the morning, others take it a bit further.

The cold Chinese food cure, pickles and pickle juice, and greasy fast food are all some of the more common ways people will try to make themselves feel better. After a night on the town, the need to settle an uneasy stomach and a pounding head drives people to try some strange cures. We’ve even heard of people downing raw eggs!

But there’s a more natural way.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use hydrogen water as an effective hangover cure time and time again.


What Causes Hangovers?

Overdoing it with the booze can bring about a hangover — but why? What makes liquor consumption so detrimental to our state of being the following day?

Dehydration: The Main Culprit Behind Your Hangover

When we consume loads of liquor, we’re ingesting ethanol. Ethanol is a toxic chemical that triggers the body to urinate more than usual. This chemical is a diuretic — and as you urinate throughout the night, you’re becoming dehydrated. The truth of the matter is that without proper hydration over the course of your night out, you’re not replenishing the hydration you’re losing as a result of the ethanol consumption.

Furthermore, since the body is trying to restore fluid levels, a headache usually comes from this dehydration. The blood vessels become narrower, limiting the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. As a result, the brain compensates by dilating its blood vessels, and this causes swelling. While the brain is incapable of feeling pain on its own, the pain receptors found in the lining around the brain will produce the feeling of discomfort.

As we drink alcohol, we’re also impacting the way our bodies handle reactive oxygen species (ROS). When our bodies can’t deal with ROS appropriately, dehydration becomes more likely. Throughout the night, the body goes through oxidative stress, making the impacts of a hangover more intense the following day.


The Ultimate Remedy For A Hangover

While you can try the countless hangover cures available, hydrogen water is the best hangover cure around. The truth of the matter is that molecular hydrogen does a lot for the body without adding sugar or harmful chemicals. It’s even safe for children to drink!

Hydrogen water benefits the body in a multitude of ways — and some of these benefits stop hangovers without hesitation. For example, hydrogen water hydrates better than regular water. It also hydrates for longer and decreases muscle fatigue. So even if you were dancing the night away and throwing back countless shots at your St. Paddy’s Day celebration, hydrogen water will cure your hangover on multiple fronts.

Hydrogen water also has the potential to elevate your mood. After a night you’ll never remember, whether it’s the fact that it’s over or the hangover, your mood is likely feeling the effects. Hydrogen water is capable of boosting your mood and adding a bit of pep in your step. During a study, some researchers uncovered that hydrogen-infused water could restore natural brain cell growth in mice. With this being the case, it’s possible for hydrogen water to aid in elevating a person’s mood as well.



So does hydrogen water really cure hangovers? Well, it certainly does a good job of offsetting the adverse effects! Drinking hydrogen water the night before could eradicate a hangover before it starts. But it’s also possible to reduce the impact liquor has on you the following morning by having a pouch of Susosu Water at the ready.

As you’re drinking this St. Paddy’s Day, make sure to keep your fluids up throughout the day with Susosu Hydrogen Water. Indulge in a pouch before bed and first thing Monday morning for the best results! While alcohol will drain your body of hydration, you can fight back with hydrogen-infused water.


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