What Makes Hydrogen Water the Best Drinking Water?

What Makes Hydrogen Water the Best Drinking Water?

There is no denying the fact that water is the healthiest choice of refreshment you can consume. Given that majority of our body is comprised of water, health experts continue to spread the message that keeping your body hydrated is essential to optimizing your health and wellbeing.

As the health-conscious movement grows in popularity, we continuously search for innovative ways to improve our physical wellness, beauty, and overall health. One way to improve our wellbeing lies in amplifying the existing benefits of water by introducing additional hydrogen molecules transforming plain drinking water into an energy and health-boosting beverage.

So, what is hydrogen water? And what makes hydrogen water the healthiest water to drink available to us today?

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Despite its scientific-sounding name, hydrogen water is simply pure drinking water with additional hydrogen molecules added to its composition, making it an entirely safe product for our bodies. Water is naturally composed of two hydrogen molecules, although the two hydrogen molecules are bound to an oxygen atom, making the hydrogen unavailable for the body to use.

Hydrogen-infused water adds the smallest existing gas particle into its composition, making it available to enter every organ and cell in the body and provide it with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Tasteless, odorless, and most importantly safe, the additional hydrogen molecules do not change the water formula but rather amplify the water our bodies love and require to function. This makes hydrogen water arguably the best drinking water on the market due to the benefits that plain water cannot provide to our bodies.

While the benefits of plain water are widely known, few of us have actually heard about the benefits that additional hydrogen molecules in hydrogen water provide. What is unique about hydrogen water's properties and benefits that make it the healthiest water to drink?

What Are the Benefits of Hydrogen Water?

Unlike many health fads that come and go, hydrogen water has pronounced health benefits that have been studied and confirmed by research on both humans and animals. Hundreds of studies have confirmed that hydrogen water effectively decreases inflammation, reduces oxidative stress, increases energy, and improves metabolism, among many other beneficial effects on our physical and mental health.

Perhaps the most popular of all benefits of hydrogen is its ability to kill free radicals and serve as an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces irritation in our bodies. Hydrogen can increase antioxidant enzyme activity by reducing inflammation, which results in cell healing, reduces oxidative stress, and improves blood flow that speeds up the healing process. The anti-inflammatory properties of hydrogen water make it a drink of choice for individuals suffering from arthritis, which manifests as stiff and painful joints due to swelling and inflammation.

Hydrogen water can also help improve athletic performance by reducing muscle recovery time and restricting lactate build-up. It also increases cell recovery and energy generation, which is especially beneficial in aerobic-intensive exercises, making hydrogen water the best drinking water for those looking to improve their performance in physical activities.

Where To Find Hydrogen Water?

Proper hydration is key to optimal energy levels and overall body performance. To ensure our bodies are hydrated and fueled, we must supply them with the proper nutrients. While plain drinking water does an impeccable job of hydrating our bodies, hydrogen water does more than quench our thirst.

To reap the many benefits of hydrogen water, try Susosu Water today and feel the difference it makes on your energy, health, and overall wellbeing!
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