5 Effective Ways To Avoid Dehydration In The Summer

5 Effective Ways To Avoid Dehydration In The Summer

Dehydration occurs when the body system lacks adequate water or has no water at all to function as it should. Alternatively, dehydration is a term used to explain a situation whereby you lose more water via urination, digestion, sweat, etc. than you drink. Common causes of dehydration include insufficient intake of water, diarrhea, fever, excessive sweat and excessive urination. Noticeably, most of the aforementioned causes of dehydration accompany the summer season. Every individual is prone to fever during the summer due to a very hot atmospheric condition. Likewise, you urinate more frequently and sweat profusely during the summer; thereby causing dehydration.

There are different ways to know whether you are dehydrated or not. Symptoms of dehydration include extreme thirst, dry mouth, constipation, low volume of urine, dark-colored urine, fatigue, dizziness, etc. Because these symptoms of dehydration lead to complicated health problems particularly during the summer, people strive to avoid them outright. In other words, everyone makes conscious efforts to avoid dehydration during the summer because of its grave consequences. However, not many people understand the right things to do to avoid dehydration during the summer. It’s in this light that this article explains five (5) effective ways of avoiding dehydration during the summer. Below are the tried and trusted ways.

  • Drink Water Regularly Every Day: The most efficient way to avoid dehydration during the summer is to drink a lot of water daily. This route involves drinking enough water early in the morning, in the afternoon and at night before you sleep. Ideally, every adult is expected to drink between 2,000 and 2,500mL of water every day. You should, however, try to drink more than that during the summer to stay hydrated. Surprisingly, a lot of people fail to drink up to the minimum amount of water recommended. While some of them attribute their failure to the inability to get healthy water outside of their home, others claim that water gets hot easily during the summer; hence, making it unpleasant to drink.

If either of the reasons prevents you from drinking enough water during the summer, I have good news for you! A brand that sells healthy water is aware of your challenge, and has come up with a lasting solution which is Susosu Hydrogen Water. Susosu Hydrogen Water is a type of hydrogen water made from all natural mineral water which benefits the body through lasting hydration. To help you avoid dehydration during the summer, Susosu Hydrogen Water is packed in a 300mL aluminum pouch which keeps it cool longer and also makes it easy to carry around. This means that with a pouch of Susosu Hydrogen Water, you have access to cool healthy water anywhere and everywhere you go. The 300mL aluminum pouch is portable; as you can take it with you to work, relaxation centers, and every other place to respond to thirst with cool water each time the need arises. 

In line with the recommendation of Healthy Headlines, taking a pouch of Susosu Hydrogen Water when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed is a good way of avoiding dehydration during the summer. In addition, you should sip water throughout the day; before, during and after each exercise session.

  • Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. help the body system to stay hydrated. Watermelon, for instance, is 99% water. This provides the body with adequate water to function optimally such that you stay hydrated during the summer. 
  • Ensure you are Hydrated: As noted by Everyday Health, a good way of avoiding dehydration during the summer is to look out for the symptoms of dehydration. If you show any of these symptoms, especially urine color and thirst, starting taking more water from time to time. If otherwise, continue taking the regular amount of water that you take consistently.
  • Don’t Go Out Except it is Necessary: Summer is characterized by hot weather which drains the water in your body. As such, you should try as much as possible to avoid exposing yourself to the harsh atmospheric condition to avoid dehydration. 
  • Take Other Liquids: We understand that you might get tired of water, especially if you are not a fan. But there is no need to worry since there are alternatives: other liquids such as coffee, juice and tea. However, ensure that you prepare the liquid with mineral water like Susosu Hydrogen Water to make it efficient.


I am sure you are about to ask this question: Where can I buy Susosu Hydrogen Water? That is the simplest of all. You can get as many pouch of Susosu Hydrogen Water as you want from our store. So, place your order today, and take a step away from getting dehydrated during the summer.

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